News Archive: March 2019

Get an Inside Look at a GrowSpan Specialist’s Propagation Methods

March 29, 2019 Jena Jepson, the lead hydroponic grower in GrowSpan’s very own greenhouse center, recently gave an inside look at the propagation process. She discussed the mediums and methods used in the GrowSpan greenhouse to propagate hydroponically grown plants, along with a few tips and tricks for growers to implement. Watch the first video […]

Does Your Greenhouse Heating System Need an Update?

March 21, 2019    GrowSpan’s efficient heating solutions were featured in the March 2019 issue of GrowerTalks. The article helps growers decide when to replace outdated equipment and offers various heating and insulation options. To read the full article in the GrowerTalks digital issue, click here. Will Kacheris, a GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialist, contributed to the […]

GrowSpan Unveils Cannabis Growers Dream with New High Pro Tunnel

March 14, 2019    GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures is pleased to add the newest product, the High Pro Tunnel, to its comprehensive line of greenhouses and growing structures. These high tunnel kits are specifically designed for California cannabis growers and come outfitted with a light deprivation system, allowing growers to get an economical structure that is […]

Starmont High School Creates Interactive Learning Environment with GrowSpan

March 7, 2019    GrowSpan’s Series 2000 Educator Greenhouse creates the perfect opportunity to foster horticultural interest. Schools, universities and research institutions can all benefit from the structure by providing a space for students to not only read about plant cultivation, but also actively participate in the process. Starmont High School in Arlington, Iowa takes […]