News Archive: March 2017

Fertigation: Fertilizing Through Irrigation

March 27, 2017    Precision in growing methods can be a lifesaver for any growing operation or greenhouse business. Many farmers have experienced the excessive loss of water from using overhead sprinklers. Overhead systems can leave your plants susceptible to disease and pests, which has driven many of today’s farms to implement more efficient irrigation […]

GrowSpan Series 500 Commercial Greenhouses: A Practical Structure for Any Operation

March 16, 2017    Extending the growing season and having a place to germinate early seedlings can be the determining factor of a farm’s seasonal success. GrowSpan’s Series 500 building is a perfect solution for commercial growers looking to improve their operations with low-input solutions. These buildings provide the versatility that many growers depend on. […]

Humidity and Greenhouse Climate Control: A Brief Introduction

March 9, 2017    When growing in a greenhouse, humidity can become a serious factor in the success of your crop. Because of dense vegetation packed into limited, enclosed space, plants transpire moisture. This is why humidity tends to run high for many farmers. First it must be specified that when one refers to humidity, […]

Spring Is High Time for High Tunnels

March 6, 2017    It is high tunnel season, and the most exciting time of the year. Starting early crops in a high tunnel can prepare you for early markets, when many seasonal growers will be strapped for produce. Plus, getting your hands in the dirt always helps get rid of those winter blues. With […]

Industry Giants Combine Forces for Cannabis Conferences, March 2017

March 1, 2017    Ed Rosenthal, the Guru of Ganja, has teamed up with Growers Supply to make two appearances in the month of March. The first will be from March 5-8 at the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Diego, California, while the second will be from March 20-22 at the Cannabis 2017 Cultivation […]