Why GrowSpan?

GrowSpan designs the highest-quality greenhouses and growing structures in the industry, offering the very best in growing solutions. With decades of experience helping growers find the ideal structure for their needs, GrowSpan has built a reputation for consistently excellent customer service. GrowSpan brings expertise to all fields within the growing and horticultural industries, helping growers get structures suitable for any climate or crop.

From massive commercial operations to small backyard grows, GrowSpan has a structural solution for any size operation. GrowSpan is distinguished by superior structural designs, and multiple cladding options that can maximize any budget. GrowSpan offers an unmatched selection of the finest turnkey structures, with multiple designs available for greenhouses, high tunnels, cold frames and more. Greenhouse Specialists are also available to help growers design a custom greenhouse, ensuring the structure is perfectly suited for individual needs.

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Growers also have access to the entire breadth of environmental control equipment offered by GrowSpan, from basic circulation fans all the way to advanced, computer-integrated smart controllers. Best of all, environmental control systems can be automated, further improving precision and reducing labor costs. Creating a controlled greenhouse environment with GrowSpan allows growers to maximize their production and profitability.

If you would like to get growing today or learn more about the GrowSpan’s growing structures and equipment, Call or Request a Quote today.