7 Spruce Farm

Challenge – Four-season production
Solution – One GrowSpan Series 1000 Commercial Greenhouse
Size – 30′ wide x 96′ long
Application – Growing tomatoes

After 30 years of owning a garden center in Boulder, Colorado, Tim and Darcy Gallagher decided to retire and move closer to their grandchildren in Bozeman, Montana. “Rest and relaxation was the plan”, said Tim Gallagher, but the former business owners still enjoyed growing, so the couple decided to open 7 Spruce Farm. The Gallaghers run the farm with three generations of their family located in picturesque Bozeman.

Tim, who started dabbling in hydroponics over 35 years ago, decided he wanted the farm to grow hydroponic produce for the local community. The only problem was the harsh climate in Montana made it nearly impossible to grow produce outside year-round. Tim sought out industry-leading greenhouse manufacturer Growers Supply to outfit his operation with everything it needed. The Gallaghers decided to purchase a 30′ wide by 96′ long GrowSpan Series 1000 Commercial Greenhouse and a HydroCycle Fertigation system. Gallagher said, “My greenhouse specialist Zach Carr was an all-star. He was an integral part in getting everything I needed to get my operation off the ground.”

The Gallagher family is set for their first tomato harvest in early May, and Tim is enjoying the experience. “We’re growing the rebelski variety of tomato that we get sent to us propagated and graphed by Houwelings Tomatoes. Right now we have 600 producing plants that are being fertilized by drip emitters and grown in coconut core substrate,” said Gallagher.

Tim is happy with his GrowSpan greenhouse purchase. “The greenhouse is solidly built, and you can tell it’s made from quality materials. Without it we would have no way to grow our tomatoes year-round in Montana,” he said. The farm is in the process of selling its produce to local supermarkets and restaurants, while Tim one day sees the farm producing 30,000 pounds of tomatoes. Tim and Darcy commented on the farm, “We thought we were retired for good, but now we’re back working 60 hour weeks, and we couldn’t be happier. We get to build this farm for our children and grandchildren to enjoy for years to come.”

Growers Supply was a great resource for Tim. “The team at Growers Supply was there for me from beginning installation on the greenhouse all the way up until we started growing. My greenhouse specialist Zach Carr didn’t just sell me the GrowSpan greenhouse and say good luck. He’s been there throughout the whole process answering any questions that may have arisen,” said Tim.

For more information on 7 Spruce Farm and their GrowSpan Greenhouse, visit www.facebook.com/7sprucefarm/.