NFT Systems And Custom Hydroponic Systems

From hydroponic kits to commercial setups, HydroCycle can Produce Complete NFT Systems That Are Ideal for any operation.

HydroCycle NFT hydroponics systems provide growers with a diverse and highly effective hydroponic grow system. Whether they’re used for large-scale production or as classroom hydroponics kits, HydroCycle NFT Systems allow growers to create a controlled growing environment that is ideal for just about any crop. Hydroponic NFT systems are commonly used for lettuce production, but growers are able to adapt the nutrient solution and pH levels to meet the needs of almost any crop. With wider, deeper NFT channels, HydroCycle NFT Systems have been used with great success on larger plant varieties, like tomato or marijuana.

When used for commercial growing, these systems enable operations to maximize their crops per square foot, so they can get the most potential out of their available space. HydroCycle’s Commercial NFT Systems feature an improved design that’s capable of increasing yields by up to 48% when compared to other similarly sized NFT systems. Commercial growers also appreciate the simplified channel design, which employs single-piece construction and requires no end caps or gluing during assembly. The result is a stronger, more efficient NFT hydroponic system that’s easier to work with, helping professional growers save time and money.

The HydroCycle NFT System Advantage Includes:

  • Custom and stock designs
  • Sizes to meet any operation’s needs – Great for hobby and commercial production
  • Maximum aeration – Healthy plants with no need for an air pump
  • Efficient site hole and channel spacing – More crops per square foot
  • Contoured base promotes proper nutrient flow
  • Numerous channel sizes – Optimize plant growth with even larger varieties
  • Single-piece channel design – Stronger construction and simplified system assembly
  • NSF-certified channels – Safe for food use
  • Systems come complete with all the necessary hardware and accessories

What is an NFT Hydroponics System? What Does NFT Stand For?

NFT stands for nutrient film technique and is the most popular and widely used deep water culture method by commercial growers. In these systems, the roots of the plants are suspended in a channel, while a shallow stream of nutrient solution is recirculated through the bottom of the channel using a water pump. A thick root mass develops inside the channel and remains moist and nourished from the nutrient solution. The main advantage of NFT hydroponics is the capability of producing very high yields in a minimal footprint. Since these systems work by recirculating water and nutrients, waste is also minimized.

Why choose HydroCycle?

When purchasing a HydroCycle system, customers can rest assured that they are getting a hydroponics system of the highest quality. Specialists work with each customer individually to learn their specific needs, and this allows each customer to get the NFT hydroponics system that is ideal for their operation. Growers will find all the growing products they need to maximize their growing potential and to produce profitable crops year-round.

A System For Every Operation

HydroCycle also supplies NFT systems with unique designs, allowing them to be easily integrated into existing operations. While NFT systems all provide similar functionality, HydroCycle NFT Systems come in a number of styles, so growers are able to choose the system that will best complement their operation.

HydroCycle Hobby NFT Lettuce Systems are an ideal solution for the hobbyist looking to earn extra income or just grow fresh produce, the commercial grower trying to experiment with new crops, school agricultural programs and more. These compact setups are able to produce a wide variety of lush, healthy crops on a year-round basis, while taking up minimal space.

HydroCycle Commercial NFT Systems are suitable for professional growers looking to maximize yields and reduce labor on any scale. With an optimized design that features a 4-1 ratio of finishing channels to nursery channels, operations can produce more crops in the same square footage as their competitors, increasing profitability with little effort.

The Pro NFT Deep Systems utilize channels that create an exceptional space for growing larger crops. The systems have large, 9” channels that provide the space for root systems to develop, while still ensuring plenty of space for aeration.

The Vertical NFT Lettuce Systems are a great option for operations looking to save space. Instead of the channels being spread out of a single plant, they are stacked on top of each other, creating a system that allows operations to better utilize their overhead space. Each tier of the vertical NFT system can be outfitted with LED lights, giving plants access to abundant lighting, even in a small, indoor grow room where space is limited.

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