Greenhouse Shading

With multiple options for greenhouse shade cloth or a greenhouse screen, GrowSpan Shade Systems can provide growers with the solution they need for superior greenhouse shading. GrowSpan can create the ideal greenhouse shading for growers’ specialized needs by designing custom and automated shade systems. Implementing the perfect internal shade system is simplified when working with GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists, who determine the right system components to achieve maximum effectiveness.


  • Lower monthly energy costs – Energy-efficient designs and options
  • Promotes precision environmental control
  • Variety of options – Shade, heat retention, light screening
  • Custom and stock designs for any application
  • Automated designs available – Reduce labor requirements


GrowSpan offers access to a massive selection of growing materials, including the finest options in greenhouse shade fabrics and screens to complement their greenhouse glazing. Whether it’s for light screening, heat retention or any other use, GrowSpan ensures the proper material is incorporated into the shade system. Regardless of application, GrowSpan Shade Systems give growers precision control at a reduced cost.

GrowSpan Shade Systems enhance control over various aspects of the growing environment, resulting in improved conditions for plant growth. Shade systems designed to control the light cycle, like the GrowSpan Blackout System, allow growers to trigger different growth stages, no matter the time of year. An energy shade curtain designed for reducing heat loss and decreasing light transmission can help regulate internal temperatures and control light levels. GrowSpan Shade Systems not only improve control, but they can also provide monthly energy savings.

GrowSpan Shade Systems conserve energy by reducing the area of the greenhouse that requires heating, offering up to 50 percent savings in heating costs. Furthermore, GrowSpan systems are able to be fully automated, so growers can program their greenhouse shading to be opened and closed based on a variety of factors. This can include the time of day, changes in light level and many other parameters, reducing labor requirements and energy costs, while still maintaining the optimal growing environment.


GrowSpan Shade Systems provide several benefits for crops, offering complete photoperiod control in any climate. In regions with intense sunlight, a greenhouse screen protects crops from harsh sun rays and decreases watering needs by preventing plants from drying out. GrowSpan Shade Systems retracted on cloudy days supply maximum light for photosynthesis. The sunlight diffused by screens creates more uniform lighting, allowing the light to penetrate deeper into the plant to improve plant growth.

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