Blackout Systems

Light Deprivation

GrowSpan Blackout Systems
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Create the perfect light deprivation greenhouse with the GrowSpan Blackout System.

GrowSpan has created a product that simplifies controlling the light cycle. Growers that harness the power of the sun by cultivating in a greenhouse have traditionally struggled to create a light deprivation greenhouse and provide their crops with total darkness. Creating a dark environment can be labor intensive in larger operations, but the GrowSpan Blackout System is fully automated and provides complete control of light cycles with minimal labor. The system allows growers to mimic indoor growing, while still enabling them to limit the amount of necessary lighting.

The Blackout System can accompany GrowSpan’s Series 500, Series 1000 and Series 2000 Greenhouses, and they can be easily integrated into existing GrowSpan greenhouses. Each system is designed perfectly to its greenhouse, no matter how customized the structure is. With numerous Breathable Wall options, including fans and vents, the system doesn’t prevent ventilation during periods of blackout, ensuring that plants don’t come under stress.

The Blackout System ensures control, minimal labor and a superior growing environment, making it a must-have for cannabis operations in any region.

The GrowSpan Blackout System Advantage:

  • These fully automated blackout systems are a cannabis growers dream. They enable growers to save money on labor, while still maintaining the control of indoor growing.  
  • Cast greenhouses into total light deprivation with minimal time and labor.
  • Get the control of an indoor grow room, while capitalizing on the sustainability and money-saving benefits of a greenhouse.
  • Gain complete control of the light cycle.
  • Produce the highest-quality harvests and gain greater control over harvests.
  • Easily integrate in Series 500, Series 1000 and Series 2000 Greenhouses to create the optimal growing environment.

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