Round Premium Greenhouses

The most durable and dependable round greenhouse

GrowSpan Round Premium Greenhouses are a great way to improve any growing operation. These structures provide growers with an environment that is completely controllable, enabling growers to achieve their finest harvests. Round Premium Greenhouses feature an attractive, arched design that looks great at any facility. Round Premium Greenhouses provide the versatility that many growers depend on, and they can be used on just about any facility, no matter what crops are being produced. 

The GrowSpan Round Premium Greenhouse Advantage includes:

  • Round frame design.
  • Round Premium Greenhouses are covered with ultra-strong, twin-wall polycarbonate. These clear sheets are built to last and come with a 10 year warranty. They are flame retardant, feature UV inhibitors, won’t discolor and offer 78 percent light transmission.
  • The frame is also built for strength, and it is made from triple-galvanized steel.
  • Each greenhouse comes with an aluminum entry door that is 36”W x 80”H. Doors come with stainless steel hinges and latch for easy installation.
  • Round Premium Greenhouses provide built-in condensation control, eliminating the dripping water and allowing growers to produce the healthiest plants. 
  • Comes complete with heavy-duty ground posts.
  • Save hundreds of dollars when a GrowSpan Premium System is included. Systems allow growers to control the environment within the round greenhouse, promoting the finest harvests. 

This GrowSpan round greenhouse can be outfitted with all the required equipment for environmental control. Growers Supply has already designed Premium Systems that are easily integrated into Round Premium Greenhouses. Premium Systems include a heater, circulation fan, exhaust fan with shutters, motorized intake shutters and a thermostat. These systems make growing much easier and are a great way to help reduce work loads. 

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