Ebb And Flow Systems

HydroCycle Ebb and Flow Hydroponics Systems provide abundant growth and are the pinnacle of reliability and simplicity. 

Ebb and flow systems from HydroCycle is a versatile growing system that allows growers to produce a wide variety of crops. Ebb and flow hydroponics, also known as flood and drain, utilize a tray that is flooded at regular intervals with a nutrient-rich water. The crops are suspended in the tray, and when it is flooded, their roots are soaked with beneficial nutrients. With an ebb and flow hydroponics system, growers can effortlessly produce healthy crops.

HydroCycle Ebb and Flow Systems have a unique design that eliminates the problematic aspects found in hydroponic growing. The flood trays feature preformed channels on the bottom. This ensures that when the tray isn’t flooded, the roots are kept dry and out of any puddles. The system’s design creates a low-maintenance system that runs on its own. The reservoir design also reduces evaporation and the proliferation of algae, so each tank is more effective over longer periods of time.

The HydroCycle Ebb and Flow Hydroponics Advantage includes:

  • A superior ebb and flow system – Easy to use
  • Increase grow rate – Boost yield
  • Produce full-flavored crops with higher nutritional value
  • Reliable and abundant growth
  • Low starting cost – Easy to start
Ebb and Flow Systems ►

With a HydroCycle Ebb and Flow System, growers can consistently produce a larger number of crops, even in more confined spaces. This hydroponics growing system ensures plants are supplied with an optimal amount of nutrients, delivering water to the growing medium at a pre-determined flooding cycle. Once established, growers can easily alter their Ebb and Flow System, adding or removing crops without affecting any surrounding plants.

The trays and reservoirs are manufactured from durable ABS plastic that features built-in UV inhibitors, which minimizes fading and yellowing from grow lights. HydroCycle reservoirs are available in several different capacities, and feature porthole covers that make it simpler to monitor and refill nutrient solution. These systems require little maintenance once they’ve been set up, so growers can focus more on increasing yields and growing higher-quality crops.

HydroCycle also manufactures ebb and flow propagation stations, which allow growers to get an early edge by providing an ideal start for seedlings. A HydroCycle ebb and flow hydroponics propagation stations provide a constant circulation of aerated nutrient solution to the raft float. It is adaptable for numerous plants, and it works especially well for seedlings that require longer root extension. The big advantage to the recirculating nutrients is that they are continually mixing, preventing any nutrient settlement. The systems use air pumps that maximize aeration within the tank without upsetting the root ball structure, and the system allows for easy nutrient monitoring, testing and maintenance.

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