Microgreen Systems

HydroCycle Microgreen Systems allow growers to provide their local market with highly profitable microgreens. 

Microgreens have quickly increased in popularity, and growers everywhere are taking advantage of these easy-grow, highly profitable crops. HydroCycle Microgreen Systems are specifically designed to grow the tastiest and finest assortment of these in-demand crop. There are many great varieties that provide a wide range of flavor, texture and color. Many can be grown in a matter of days, including broccoli, spinach, beet, tatsoi, mitzuna, arugula, chard, kale, celery, carrot, pea shoots and sunflower shoots.   The HydroCycle Microgreen systems deliver maximum yields in in just a two to four week period, providing a sound return on investment. They are also easy to assemble, operate and require little maintenance. Best of all, the systems are compact in size, so they can easily be added to an existing operation or utilized when space is an issue. 

The HydroCycle Microgreen System Advantage includes: 

  • Cost-effective and profitable
  • Energy-efficient design – No soil contamination
  • Higher sowing rates 
  • Less residue on greens – Reduced labor
  • Less disease from over watering 
  • Low maintenance – Easy to clean

The HydroCycle systems utilize NFT (nutrient film technique) trays. The trays are constructed from food-grade PVC channels that are flat at the bottom and slightly sloped when laid on the system. This ensures that the water continues to move and doesn’t build up in the tray. A nutrient solution is intermittently dispersed throughout the channel to avoid flooding the greens and wetting the foliage. These systems were carefully designed to help avoid fungal diseases by making certain the system operates efficiently by nourishing and oxygenating the seedlings. Growers will experience better germination and density when using a growing mat substrate in the channels. These help to hold suffcient moisture around the roots in between waterings. 

Find out how a HydroCycle Microgreen System can easily add income to your operation. Call a Hydroponic Specialist today or Request a Quote