CO2 Enrichment

GrowSpan offers supplemental carbon dioxide (CO2) enrichment technology for any grow room or greenhouse environmental control system. When greenhouses or grow rooms are sealed during the winter months and there is little air exchange, CO2 levels will drop as plants use it during photosynthesis. Optimizing the growing environment with a GrowSpan CO2 Enrichment System allows growers to maximize crop production without opening their vents and letting in cold, frigid air that can potentially damage crops.


  • CO2 generators, compressed CO2 and recaptured CO2 solutions available
  • Promotes healthier plants and a larger crop yield
  • Automated solutions available – Reduce labor requirements with a CO2 controller
  • Custom design and retrofit options 
  • Expert consultation – Easy integration into grow rooms or greenhouses
  • One-stop shopping experience – Products and expertise for any growing need


CO2 enrichment systems come in the form of natural gas, propane or pure CO2 tanks, which work by diffusing carbon dioxide throughout a greenhouse or indoor grow space. Although an ideal CO2 concentration depends on the type of crop being produced, at a minimum, growers should use this equipment to maintain levels above 300 ppm (parts per million). With assistance from GrowSpan, they can go one step further, creating an environment that crops don’t just survive in, but thrive.

Implementing a GrowSpan CO2 Enrichment System provides growers with a wealth of benefits. By maintaining ideal CO2 levels during colder months, growers will notice that their grow produces healthier, more profitable crops. Carbon dioxide contributes to improved plant processes, like photosynthesis, which results in increased growth rates. CO2 enrichment can also help plants improve biological efficiency by reducing the amount of water lost to transpiration.


Year-round growers face many problems when the winter season rolls around, and CO2 depletion is one of the most daunting. CO2 depletion occurs when the amount of carbon dioxide being used by crops is higher than the influx of CO2 entering the structure. When CO2 is depleted, uptake can stop completely, and plant growth is drastically inhibited. During the cold months, monitoring CO2 levels is the only way to guarantee crops receive the carbon dioxide they need in the proper amount without damaging crops. GrowSpan can design a custom CO2 Enrichment System to supply crops with the optimal levels year-round, ensuring maximum yield and profitability.

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