Round Prem. Corrugated Greenhouses

This corrugated polycarbonate greenhouse provides a unique appearance and ensures a long life

GrowSpan Round Premium Corrugated Greenhouses are the pinnacle of strength and appearance. Each structure is clad with ultra-durable, corrugated polycarbonate that is nearly unbreakable. It provides superior strength and security and is a great option for professional growers on any scale. Each corrugated polycarbonate greenhouse maintains the horticultural versatility that GrowSpan greenhosues have come to be known by, and they enable growers to create a completely controlled environment, leading to improved harvests and profits.

The GrowSpan Round Premium Corrugated Greenhouse Advantage includes: 

  • The corrugated polycarbonate sheets are .79 mm and light weight. They provide the highest strength and come with a 10 year warranty. Sheets are manufactured with UV inhibitors that prevent degradation and bend over a 13’ radius. With 90 percent light transmission, corrugated polycarbonate is an ideal covering.
  • Premium Corrugated polycarbonate greenhouses feature convenient sliding double doors that are 48”W x 92”H. Doors allow for easy equipment access and come with all the hardware required.
  • The frame is triple-galvanized steel that is manufactured in the United States. Frames withstand corrosion and ensure a strong, long-lasting greenhouse.
  • Round Premium Corrugated Greenhouses can be outfitted with a GrowSpan Premium System. These systems provide hundreds of dollars of savings and enable greater control over the growing environment, leading to the finest crops. Systems come with circulation fans, exhaust fan with shutters, intake shutters, heater and thermostat.

This GrowSpan structure can also be outfitted with a Premium Greenhouse System. Growers Supply’s Greenhouse Specialists have already taken care of the measurements and planning, so each system comes designed for its specific greenhouse. Quickly and easily integrate a heater, circulation fan, motorized intake shutters, exhaust fan with shutters and a thermostat into the structure to promote healthy crop production and high yields.  

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