Vertical Aeroponic Systems

The HydroCycle Vertical Aeroponic System allows growers to maximize their growing space without sacrificing quality. 

HydroCycle is one the forefront of aeroponic growing, and the HydroCycle Vertical Aeroponic System is the most effective aeroponic system on the market. The HydroCycle aeroponic growing system utilizes a nutrient-rich mist that not only nourishes, but also provides plants with the maximum amount of oxygen. The combination of delivering nutrients to the root zone and maximizing oxygen allows crops to grow healthier and at a rapid pace. 

HydroCycle Veritical Aeroponic Systems have an innovative and compact design that lets the hobbyist grow in a small space or allows the professional to maximize production. When using these vertical hydroponics systems growers can produce 220 plants in less than 23 square feet. 

The HydroCycle Aeroponic Growing System Advantage includes: 

  • Maximum control of the root zones – Healthier, more profitable plants
  • Maximum aeration – Quick growth
  • Nutrients are evenly distributed to each plant
  • Vertical design saves space
  • Easy to operate – Low maintenance
  • Durable construction – Long lifespan

Aeroponic systems mist the suspended roots with the nutrient solution on a continual or intermittent basis. The crown of the plant is extended outside the grow tubes to provide the perfect environment with a high degree of oxygenation and support. The high-pressured mist is designed to ensure that the nutrients are evenly delivered throughout the system, so no plants are left undernourished. 

The HydroCycle Vertical Aeroponic System kit contains everything needed to be successful in vertical hydroponics. The systems are easy to assemble and operate, and they require very little maintenance. The ease of use and expert consultation from our Hydroponics Specialists ensures that each customer is able to get the most out of their system on a year-round basis.

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