Greenhouse Accessories

Growers Supply provides greenhouse accessories for any GrowSpan structure and cannabis growing need

Growers Supply has been serving the growing community for decades, and over this time has become the hobby and professional grower’s one-stop shop. With all the necessary greenhouse accessories, Growers Supply has quickly established itself as a one-stop shop for the cannabis industry. A GrowSpan structure can be outfitted with custom or stock growing systems and all the other necessary equipment that allows any grower to build a thriving cannabis operation. 

Customizing a greenhouse for cannabis production can be costly and time consuming, but Growers Supply’s Greenhouse specialists make it easy and can suggest energy-efficient and cost-effect equipment.

Some of Growers Supply’s offerings include:

Light Dep Environmental Control
Greenhouse controllers
s1000 interior
Hydroponics Systems
Greener Cannabis Cultivation
Heating & Cooling
Blue dog hemp interion benches
Greenhouse Benches
Polycarbonate Greenhouse exterior close up
Blackout Polycarbonate
s1000 Blackout Greenhouse blackout
Light Traps

GrowSpan structures are often outfitted with:

  • Lights – Create the perfect environment with numerous lighting options. GrowSpan can help cannabis operations reduce costs, while still maintaining quality, with energy-efficient lighting.
  • Controllers – Limit the amount of time spent in the greenhouse with a variety of controllers. Controllers allow growers to automate different growing and environmental factors, ensuring that cannabis plants are always in an ideal atmosphere.
  • Hydroponics Systems – These hydroponic systems allow for complete control over the growing process. They can minimize costs by limiting the amount of required labor and enable year-round harvests of the highest quality. 
  • Heating and Cooling Systems – Providing plants with an environment they can thrive in year-round can require heating or cooling systems, depending on the region. GrowSpan can help design and build systems that maintain the perfect temperature every day of the year.
  • Benches – Ensure plenty of workspace and keep greenhouses organized with a variety of greenhouse benches.
  • Blackout Polycarbonate – Provide blacked out conditions with the strength and security of blackout polycarbonate.
  • Light Traps – Maintain effective ventilation, while keeping plants in a blackout environment. Light traps utilize a Breathable Wall, which captures light, but not air. These traps can be outfitted with louvers or fans to promote controlled airflow.

Growers Supply offers much more, and provides all the greenhouse accessories that are needed to keep a healthy cannabis business. Call or visit Growers Supply for more information.