Greenhouse Lighting

GrowSpan supplies greenhouse lighting for any scale growing operation. GrowSpan offers a wide variety of lighting options, including energy-efficient solutions that can lower monthly operating costs, and GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists can design detailed lighting plans that are tailored to supplemental growth, photoperiod control and utility requirements.

The GrowSpan Greenhouse Lighting Advantage includes: 

  • Custom lighting plans – Optimize any grow space
  • Automated and computer controlled lighting
  • Wide range of solutions – Supplemental growth, photoperiod control and utility options
  •  Lighting experts on staff – Design and support for superior lighting
  • One-stop shopping experience – Products and expertise for any greenhouse need

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Supplemental Growth Lighting

Growing operations across the country depend on supplemental growth lighting to maintain an effective and profitable business. GrowSpan can meet the supplemental growth needs of any operation and has a number of options. When working with GrowSpan, customers can integrate high-pressure sodium, fixed and programmable spectrum LED, ceramic metal halide and T5 fixtures into their operation. GrowSpan Specialists are well versed in all supplemental growth lighting solutions, and they can provide invaluable lighting advice that takes into account the crops being produced, the operations location and much more.

Double-Ended High Pressure Sodium Fixtures

  • Longer lasting bulbs
  • Potential for a 10% increase in intensity and PAR
  • Dimmable
  • Provide more UV and IR than traditional HPS lighting

Fixed and Programmable Spectrum LED Fixtures

  • Advanced technology, superior functionality
  • Custom light spectrum and wave length control
  • Even distribution of blended light
  • 50-70% savings when compared to HID lighting
  • Quick return on investment
  • Easy integration

Ceramic Metal Halide

  • Retains color spectrum better than most gas discharge lamps
  • Uses 20% the energy of incandescent and provides the same output
  • Great for greenhouses and hydroponics
  • High power factor
  • Dimmable ballast.

T5 Fixtures

  • Uses less energy than other lighting options.
  • Most efficient and popular fluorescent lighting option for growing.
  • Fixtures can feature aluminum reflector for maximum efficiency.

Photoperiod Control Greenhouse Lighting

GrowSpan enables growers to easily control the photoperiod within their space. Whether growers are utilizing a GrowSpan Light Deprivation Greenhouse or not, there are a number of lighting solutions to maximize control without increasing labor requirements. When growers provide their crops with at least 10 foot-candles, a number of lighting options can be used effectively. High pressure sodium, fluorescent and metal halide, which are mentioned above, are all suitable options.

On top of these options, GrowSpan also offers high pressure sodium lamps. While many growers opt for incandescent lighting because of the price point, a superior option is metal halide or high pressure sodium lamps. These types of lamps are more energy-efficient options. They also don’t emit as much far red light compared to incandescent lamps, so they limit stem extension.

High Pressure Sodium Fixtures

  • Increase light intensity, not energy costs.
  • Built with open reflector for maximum light.
  • Potentially reduces energy consumption by 60%

Utility Greenhouse Lighting

Besides light dedicated to growing, GrowSpan can also outfit an operation with all the required utility lighting. Whether it’s for walk ways, work space, outdoor lighting or any other need, GrowSpan has a fixture.

To find out more about GrowSpan’s lighting options or to create a custom lighting plan, call or Request a Quote