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GrowSpan has been providing the growing and agricultural industry with high-quality products and structures for nearly four decades.  GrowSpan supplies growers of all experience levels with the finest greenhouses and growing structures, and no matter the size of the operation or the crops being grown, there is an ideal GrowSpan greenhouse that can support and promote improved business.


GrowSpan’s reputation for providing customers with superb service and superior growing structures has flourished thanks to GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists. Greenhouse Specialists are industry professionals who have years of experience providing expert consultation to growers across all of the different branches of the horticultural industry.

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GrowSpan is an Engineering Services and Products Company (ESAPCO), so when working with GrowSpan, customers have access to the tens of thousands of products offered by ESAPCO. Every GrowSpan structure can be outfitted with all of the necessary equipment and accessories.

GrowSpan is owned and operated in the United States. GrowSpan greenhouses are manufactured and distributed in Dyersville, Iowa, and the company‘s corporate headquarters, which is where the Greenhouse Specialists can be found, is in South Windsor, Connecticut.