Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouses

Any commercial operation can create their ideal gothic Polycarbonate greenhouse with the GrowSpan S2000 gutter-connected greenhouse.

The Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouses from GrowSpan provide operations with the highest-quality polycarbonate greenhouse that is designed to ensure the utmost durability. Each Series 2000 features a triple-galvanized steel frame that is covered with ultra-strong polycarbonate. These structures have been affectionately referred to as “bomb proof,” and are a great option in regions that frequently experience heavy snow or wind.

Series 2000 structures were created with the most competitive growers in mind, and no detail has been spared. The Series 2000, along with every structure in GrowSpan’s Commercial Series, can be completely customized and tailored to any operation’s needs. A GrowSpan structure can come with all the accessories and growing equipment that is required, including growing systems, blackout systems, lighting, venting, heating, cooling and more. 

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Traditional Venlo outside shot
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The GrowSpan Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouse Advantage includes:

  • Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouses are covered with 8 mm polycarbonate that is impact resistant and promotes a controlled environment.
  • Peak-roof design provides ventilation, helping to limit plant stress, and reduces the buildup of water, ice and snow. The energy-efficient 6/12 design also helps to limit monthly costs.
  • Extra-tall, 10’ sidewalls ensure the maximum amount of usable space and can house even the tallest plants.
  • Both sides of the greenhouse feature gutters, and they can be gutter connected, enabling growers to build a greenhouse of any size.
  • End Frame Kits and End Cladding Kits are available. End Cladding Kits come in Corrugated Polycarbonate or 8 mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate.

GrowSpan Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouses can be outfitted to provide complete environmental control. Greenhouse Specialists can help customers design a greenhouse system that best compliments their operation, while also potentially boosting profitability by implementing energy- and labor-saving options. 

Commercial growers looking for the industry’s finest polycarbonate greenhouse choose the GrowSpan Series 2000 Greenhouse. Call or Request a Quote