WideSpan Venlo Greenhouses

The WideSpan Venlo Greenhouse takes advantage of Dutch technology and features a wider peak design that is both space-efficient and economical.

With a wider span, fewer columns and the best in Dutch technology, the WideSpan Venlo Greenhouse provides plenty of space for crops and growing equipment. The film cover of the WideSpan Venlo Greenhouse is designed for extremely hot climates and features a dual-ridge vent to allow plenty of air flow. The roof design and vent can be customized to ensure optimal growing conditions, and shades or thermal screens can easily be added for even more precise climate control.

GrowSpan is the only American greenhouse manufacturer that uses CASTA. CASTA design software allows GrowSpan Specialists to create the perfect WideSpan Venlo Greenhouse for any operation. CASTA ensures an ideal design that stays within budget, creating an efficient growing environment on the largest scale.

WideSpan Venlo Greenhouse Ridge Vents

GrowSpan Venlo Walkthrough

The GrowSpan WideSpan Venlo Greenhouse Advantage Includes:

  • Film cover for superior growing in consistently high temperatures.
  • Cost-effective design.
  • Versatile cladding options include film, polycarbonate or both.
  • Shade or thermal screens available for maximum energy control.
  • Customizable sizes fit every grower need.
  • Bay spacing available in 10’, 12’, 13.125’ and 14.75’ widths or custom sizes.
  • Double-sided, continuous ridge ventilation system promotes airflow.

GrowSpan’s WideSpan Venlo Greenhouse comes with the Venlo substructure that can support many types of equipment, including hanging baskets, displays, watering booms and energy screens. This economical yet versatile structure is designed for year-round production and features an easily operated two-sided ridge ventilation system. A WideSpan Venlo Greenhouse comes in a variety of styles, sizes and can easily be gutter-connected to fit any type of growing need.

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The WideSpan Venlo Greenhouse is ideal for growers that are looking to use CEA equipment packages, including pad fan cooling, misting and dual screening. The structure combines an economical roofing system with the hot dipped Venlo substructure, which allows for double screen systems and the versatility needed for hanging equipment.

GrowSpan WideSpan Venlo Greenhouses are a great option for professional growers that require ample space and the ability to hang lots of equipment. To learn more, call today.