Cabrio Venlo Greenhouses

The Cabrio Venlo Greenhouse roof fully opens for maximum light transmission and is designed based off of dutch technology, making it ideal for vegetables, vining crops and potted plants.

Building upon the Traditional Venlo base and taking advantage of the same Dutch technology, the Cabrio Venlo Greenhouse roof opens up to allow maximum ventilation and the maximum amount of sunlight to crops. The roof can be open and shut with a motorized gear box, making it easy to control how much ventilation plants receive. There are no barriers between the plants and the roof, ensuring the perfect transition for bedding plants from a greenhouse to the final planting space. Growers of potted and basket plants often prefer the Cabrio Venlo Greenhouse, as it provides excellent climate control. In addition, bay spacing, gutter height and cladding can be made custom to fit any growing need.

GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists use CASTA to design Cabrio Venlo Greenhouses. CASTA utilizes the finest in Dutch technology to create a superior greenhouse design, and GrowSpan is the only American manufacturer to use this software. CASTA allows GrowSpan to provide superior venlo greenhouse designs, so growers can grow efficiently on a massive scale. 

Cabrio Venlo Greenhouse Ridge Vents

GrowSpan Venlo Walkthrough

The GrowSpan Cabrio Venlo Greenhouse Advantage Includes:

  • Maximum light transmission.
  • Fully open roof provides maximum airflow.
  • Roof vent system can provide up to 96% of ventilation needs.
  • Durable steel and high-quality aluminum components ensure long life span.
  • Bay spacing available in 10’, 12’, 13.125’ and 14.75’ widths or custom sizes.
  • Versatile cladding options include glass, polycarbonate or film.
  • Ideal for bedding plants, vegetables, vining crops and more.
  • Rugged, storm-safe design.
  • Custom gutter heights available.

Standard gutter heights on the Cabrio Venlo Greenhouse range from 14.50 to 21 feet, although custom-made heights can be furnished on request. The galvanized steel structure can be engineered to meet local wind, snow and municipal requirements. The energy-efficient aluminum roof and gutter help keep electrical costs low year-round. If growers have particular cladding needs, a combination of glass, polycarbonate and film can be installed on the roof.

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The Cabrio Venlo Greenhouse is equipped with an easy-to-operate rack and pinion ventilation system. With the same quality and economical value as the Traditional Venlo Greenhouse, the Cabrio Venlo Greenhouse offers superior ventilation and custom roofing options to ensure that every crop can thrive in any region.

The GrowSpan Cabrio Venlo Greenhouse offers superior climate control and is an ideal setting for basket and potted plants. To learn more, call today.