Environmental Control

GrowSpan structures are just the start to a successful grow.

GrowSpan designs and creates tailored environmental control solutions, including all of the grow room and greenhouse equipment any grower could ever need. GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists can help customers create detailed environmental control plans that incorporate lighting, HVAC, shade systems, CO2 enrichment, smart controllers and much more. When working with GrowSpan, customers have the option to not only get a structure, but an entire system that optimizes both the growing environment and business.

A well-integrated environmental control system will have a positive impact on nearly every aspect of a greenhouse or grow room. While the growing environment is incredibly dynamic, GrowSpan can design fully automated environmental systems to provide growers with the precision control necessary to maintain the optimal conditions. This improved control can reduce water and fertilizer waste, lower monthly energy costs and improve overall plant quality and uniformity. Temperature, humidity and CO2 are just some of the variables critical to maintaining the ideal growing environment, and a GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialist can help growers design a system that automatically manages all of these factors and more.

The GrowSpan Greenhouse Environmental Control Advantage includes:

greenhouse environmental control
greenhouse lighting
greenhouse accessories
co2 enrichment
CO2 Enrichment
Humidity Control
Evaporative Cooling
Irrigation and Fertigation
Shade Systems
greenhouse heating
Heating, Cooling and Ventilation
Odor Mitigation

When choosing GrowSpan, customers have access to a massive catalog of the highest-quality growing equipment and products. Automation is made simple with GrowSpan’s high-tech smart controllers. Control the light cycle or shade crops with GrowSpan’s versatile Shade Systems. Improve crop health and boost potential yield with GrowSpan’s Fertigation Systems. Or, combine all of GrowSpan’s growing equipment into an all-encompassing control system. Regardless of the challenge, GrowSpan has the solution.

To start optimizing your growing environment or to learn more about GrowSpan’s Environmental control solutions, Call or  Request a Quote today.