Greenhouse Environmental Control

When growing year-round, some form of environmental control is necessary for just about any grower. With GrowSpan complete and automated environmental control is easily obtained. Imagine a greenhouse system working in harmony and actually reacting to environmental factors in order to keep crops in their ideal atmosphere. GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists can help any grower gain control over their greenhouse system from one convenient location, while also automating many greenhouse functions in order to significantly reduce labor requirements. 


The GrowSpan Environmental Control Advantage includes: 

  • Control design and support direct from the greenhouse manufacturer
  • Numerous control options – Smart controllers, thermostats, irrigation and more
  • Expert consultation – Easy greenhouse integration
  • One-stop shopping experience – Products and expertise for any greenhouse need

Smart Controllers

Smart controllers are a great way to gain complete control over a greenhouse’s various systems and equipment. They provide precision control and allow growers to fine tune their environment, creating an atmosphere that any crop can thrive in. They enable growers to automate their greenhouse, and with properly set sensors, growers can have their greenhouse system react to environmental changes. An example of this would be when a greenhouse’s temperature becomes too cold, a smart controller will automatically turn the structure’s heating system on and then turn it off when the ideal temperature range is achieved. 

Smart controllers also allow growers to put greenhouse functions on a timer, so they can create a detailed greenhouse schedule with almost no required labor. Irrigation can be run automatically every day, light deprivation systems can be deployed at a set time, lighting can be turned off when the sun rises and much more. 

Growers really appreciate the fact that smart controllers can be linked to their laptop and smart phones. This allows them to monitor their greenhouse from anywhere, providing peace of mind. Notifications can also be set to notify growers of power or equipment failure, so if anything potentially catastrophic happens, growers are immediately aware

To find out more about GrowSpan’s environmental controls or to automate your greenhouse structure, Call or Request a Quote today.