Odor Mitigation

As local ordinances and regulations make odor mitigation and control a more crucial component of greenhouse growing, GrowSpan is ready to provide growers with effective odor mitigation systems. To avoid becoming a nuisance to neighbors and impacting the local environment, growers should work with  GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists to ensure proper odor control. GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists help operations mitigate unwanted odor through air movement, filtration and structural design.  

The GrowSpan Odor Mitigation Advantage includes:

  • Eliminate odors – Powerful combination of air movement and filtration
  • Easily integrated into new and existing structures
  • Sealed structural designs – Shield local surroundings from strong smells
  • Large variety of equipment and systems available
  • Odor control on any scale – From small farms to commercial operations

Effective Odor Control with GrowSpan Greenhouses and Systems

GrowSpan can improve odor mitigation in a greenhouse or grow room with the combination of air movement and filtration. GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists can design fan and exhaust systems that provide a complete air exchange every few minutes, and with carbon air filters, odors will be neutralized as air exits the structure. With the help of a GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialist, growers can receive powerful odor control systems, so they can grow to their fullest potential without affecting their local surroundings.

GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists help growers receive a structure that is perfectly suited to their specific needs, and with the right structural design, growers can improve the odors in their greenhouse. GrowSpan greenhouses can be completely sealed to prevent the escape of odors. Plus, GrowSpan structures can be designed to meet any local building codes and regulations.

One-Stop Shop for Commercial Greenhouse Odor Control

GrowSpan provides growers with odor control on any scale. Growers appreciate GrowSpan’s wide selection of growing solutions, which contains over 30,000 products and supplies. This large variety of equipment, tools and accessories allows growers to approach their greenhouse odor control from multiple angles, ensuring an all-encompassing solution to a difficult challenge.

To learn more about GrowSpan’s odor mitigation and control solutions, Call or Request a Quote today.


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