Venlo Glass Greenhouses

GrowSpan VEnlo series greenhouses: Grow and profit on a massive scale with dutch technology

GrowSpan Venlo Greenhouse Structures

For over 40 years GrowSpan has been providing commercial operations with unique greenhouses tailored to their specific operational needs, and GrowSpan’s Venlo Series Greenhouses allow growers to produce on the largest scale. The Venlo Series takes advantage of CASTA design software, the finest in Dutch technology, to create each operation’s ideal custom greenhouse solutions. With this software, GrowSpan can offer highly flexible customizations that can allow growers to effectively grow on a large scale. The GrowSpan Venlo Series is available in three distinct designs, so there is a structure for any operation. 

The GrowSpan Venlo Series includes:

Cabrio Venlo Greenhouses

The GrowSpan Traditional Venlo Greenhouse is what everybody thinks of when referencing Venlo structures. This greenhouse features a strengthened aluminum roofing system that promote maximum light transmission, and it’s increased vent to floor ratio ensures superior ventilation.

Cabrio Venlo Greenhouses

The GrowSpan Cabrio Venlo Greenhouses is for growers looking to completely maximize light transmission and ventilation. The roof fully opens up, so light and fresh air can freely enter the structure.

WideSpan Venlo Greenhouses

The GrowSpan WideSpan Venlo Greenhouses is designed with a film roof and allows growers in high temperature climates to easily establish an ideal growing environment.

The Largest Commercial Greenhouse Structures

These structures are favored by commercial growers due to their size, increased light transmission and the ability to easily integrate all the necessary environmental control equipment. The durable designs ensure that GrowSpan Venlo greenhouses will last decades into the future.