Traditional Venlo Greenhouses

The Traditional Venlo Greenhouse utilizes dutch technology, while offering high levels of light transmission and a state-of-the-art roof ventilation system.

Favored by professional growers over the world, the Traditional Venlo Greenhouse from GrowSpan is a high-quality, versatile greenhouse style that is designed with state-of-the-art Dutch technology. The Traditional Venlo is able to withstand extreme weather conditions and provide the maximum amount of light transmission. Because the roof is composed of strengthened aluminum components, the Traditional Venlo Greenhouse is rugged enough to withstand high wind and snow loads. The Traditional Venlo Greenhouse can be clad in glass, polycarbonate, film or a combination of all three, ensuring that growers can create optimal environmental conditions no matter the type of crops being grown or the region they’re located.

GrowSpan’s Traditional Venlo Greenhouses are designed using CASTA. GrowSpan is the only American greenhouse manufacturer utilizing CASTA design software, and it allows GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists to design the perfect venlo greenhouse solution for any operation. CASTA ensures the perfect price to quality ratio, and allows GrowSpan customers to efficiently grow on the largest scale.

Traditional Venlo Greenhouses Ridge Vents

GrowSpan Venlo Walkthrough

The GrowSpan Traditional Venlo Greenhouse Advantage Includes:

  • Strengthened aluminum roofing system for high light transmission.
  • Increased vent to floor space ratio for superior ventilation.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel sub-frame resists corrosion.
  • Low cost per square foot.
  • Customizable sizes and designs.
  • Versatile cladding options include glass, polycarbonate or film.
  • Rugged, storm-safe design.
  • Bay spacing available in 10’, 12’, 13.125’ and 14.75’ widths or custom sizes.
  • Custom gutter heights, span widths and bay spacing available.

The Traditional Venlo Greenhouse provides a high amount of light transmission and year-round climate control. The ridge vent opens from the roof’s peak and can include both alternating (butterfly) and continuous styles, ensuring versatility and convenience in ventilation options. Growers can easily operate the ridge vents with a mechanical push-pull rail.

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This versatile design is suitable for all crops in the majority of climates and can be actively or passively ventilated. Composed of an aluminum roof and a hot-dipped steel sub-frame, the Traditional Venlo Greenhouse is designed to resist corrosion. Snow, crop and wind load can all be tailored to local requirements, as well. Taller sidewalls promote a healthier, more stable and uniform grow environment. Gutter heights range in size from 14.50 to 21.00 feet, although custom heights are available. The roof of a Traditional Venlo Greenhouse is made of high-quality aluminum with an aluminum gutter, ensuring a long and productive lifespan. This is a great option for growers looking to grow on a large scale in a structure that can be built at a low cost per square foot.

The GrowSpan Traditional Venlo Greenhouse is among the top choice of professional growers around the world. To find out more about how a Traditional Venlo Greenhouse can optimize your grow, call today.