Greenhouse Heating, Cooling and Ventilation

Maintaining the proper greenhouse temperature is essential to a thriving year-round operation, and GrowSpan can provide greenhouse heating, cooling and ventilation equipment. Whether it’s for a new greenhouse or retrofitted into an existing structure, GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists can design energy-efficient systems that meet the needs of any operation, in any region. With industry-leading knowledge, expertise and equipment available, GrowSpan is the one-stop shop for greenhouse heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

The GrowSpan Greenhouse Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Advantage includes: 

  • One-stop shopping experience – Products & expertise for any greenhouse need
  • Energy-efficient options and designs – Save money, boost profits
  • Automated or Manual options
  • Mechanical or passive ventilation options
  • Custom designs – Systems can meet even the most specific requirements
  • Industry experts on staff – Greenhouse Specialists offer advice and create ideal systems

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Greenhouse Heating

GrowSpan offers a variety of heating systems and equipment to effectively heat greenhouses. It is important that heating systems are sized properly to deliver consistently uniform heat to the plant canopy, and growers that use properly designed systems are able to optimize plant growth, while also reducing both foliar and root diseases. Two popular and effective heating tools include suspended unit heaters and root zone heating.

Suspended unit heaters are an economical greenhouse heating option with a long history of successfully heating greenhouses all over the globe. Inside a unit heater, an electric fan blows air through a coil heated by hot water, steam, electric resistance or gas combustion to provide a directed supply of warm air inside the greenhouse. Typically no larger than 3′ width, height and length, these units are easily mounted, so they do not take up any floor area.

Root zone heating is another greenhouse heating solution that growers have found success with. Root zone heating delivers heat directly to where the plant needs it most, the root zone. With these systems water is circulated through a central boiler and heated via electricity, gas combustion or wood burning. The heated water flows directly to the plant’s root zone, creating an environment that can optimize growth.

Root zone heaters are designed to return the operation’s investment over time. Growers are able to reduce their heating requirements, since the warmed root zone allows air temperatures to be cooler. This enables growers to dial back their greenhouse temperature by 5-15 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing them to save money all winter long. Hot water also carries tremendous amounts of energy over great distances – in fact 3,500 times more energy than air – so root zone heating can significantly improve heating efficiency.

GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists can help to properly design effective heating systems for any growing method. They can also help sync heating systems with greenhouse climate controllers for optimal performance and automation. Ask a Greenhouse Specialist today about designing a greenhouse heating system for any greenhouse.

Reliable Greenhouse Cooling Methods and GrowSpan’s Water Wall Cooling System

GrowSpan offers a variety of cooling systems for greenhouses. In order to reliably cool a greenhouse, it is essential that the cooling system is properly sized. When designed correctly, cooling systems can effectively reduce plant stress, removing excess heat amidst high temperatures and optimizing plant growth.

GrowSpan’s parent company, Growers Supply, manufactures its own line of AquaCool Evaporative Cooling systems, which are designed for use in pad and fan cooling systems. Popularly referred to as wet wall or cooling pad systems, the AquaCool systems chill outside air that has been pulled into the greenhouse by exhaust fans. While cooling the air, this system simultaneously reduces hot air that has built up inside the greenhouse. These systems are completely sealed and require no additional internal plumbing, pump or filters. They are a fantastic commercial solution, and have been used with great success in medium to large greenhouse spaces.

GrowSpan also offers commercial cabinet-style evaporative cooling units that are designed to be used in a positive pressure cooling system. Popularly referred to as swamp coolers, these units employ water evaporation to inject a chilled stream of air into the greenhouse at the crop level, which then displaces hot air via ridge vents or peak mounted aluminum shutters. These systems are also completely sealed, so they don’t require any additional internal plumbing, pumps or filters. Cabinet style evaporative coolers are a great cooling solution for smaller greenhouse spaces.

GrowSpan Specialists are available to help properly design and size cooling systems for any project, and it is important to note that these systems can be retrofitted into existing greenhouses quite easily. Request a Quote today to find out more about GrowSpan’s cooling systems.

Greenhouse Ventilation Design

Proper greenhouse ventilation is essential to promoting a healthy growing environment. Effective air movement provides necessary temperature and humidity control, and can help to reduce the occurrence of diseases and the presence of pests. This is achieved with a combination of active and passive ventilation, which is largely done through efficient greenhouse design and greenhouse ventilation fans.

GrowSpan offers a wide variety of ventilation equipment, including – but not limited to – roof vents and sidewall vents, evaporative cooling system vents, exhaust fans, dampers, circulation fans, horizontal air flow fans and positive pressure air circulation systems.

GrowSpan Specialists are available to help properly design and size a ventilation system, and no matter what the requirements are, there is a solution for any project.

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