Blue Dog Hemp

Challenge – Controlled growing environment for startup company
Solution – Six-Bay Series 1000 Commercial Greenhouse
Size – 30′ wide x 96′ long
Application – Hemp cultivation
Location – Montrose, Colo.

Blue Dog Hemp is a rapidly expanding hemp cultivation startup located in Colorado. The company is tapping into an industry of potential, as hemp has thousands of possible uses and has been legalized across the country. The 100 percent organic farm focuses on growing high-CBD hemp, which is used to produce oils, gummies and a variety of other products popping up on store shelves.

As a new business, Blue Dog Hemp needed a controlled growing environment if they wanted to begin operations on the right foot. CFO Jona Williams heard about GrowSpan from a business partner and began working with dedicated Greenhouse Specialists shortly thereafter. Williams stated, “The two individuals we worked with directly, Zachery Carr and Chad Johnson, were great.” The collaboration resulted in the purchase of a 30′ wide by 96′ long Series 1000 Commercial Greenhouse with six bays, for 17,280 square feet of indoor growing space.

Williams understands the importance of a controlled growing environment to achieve a successful harvest. When describing his experience utilizing the Series 1000, Williams said, “The greenhouses are a vital step in the eventual success of our harvest. By nurturing these plants early on we see improved survival rates and larger healthier plants when they mature.”

The GrowSpan Series 1000 was the ideal choice for this commercial operation. With six bays, the greenhouse provides the expansive growing room Blue Dog Hemp needs to operate efficiently. Increased environmental control ensures accuracy and precision, yielding the finest hemp with each harvest. Ultimately, this boosts profitability for Blue Dog Hemp and allows them to grow as a company.

Blue Dog Hemp has seen such great yields with their original Series 1000 Greenhouse that they are already working with GrowSpan to expand the company. Williams said, “Due to the success we’ve had with the Series 1000, we’ve already placed an order for a two-acre greenhouse that will give us an additional 85,000 square feet of growing room.”

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