Greenhouse Evaporative Cooling

Whether growers need a smaller, portable evaporative cooler or a large-scale evaporative cooling wall, GrowSpan provides the very best in grow room and greenhouse evaporative cooler solutions. By taking advantage of natural cooling principles, GrowSpan Greenhouse Evaporative Coolers offer powerful cooling to control high temperatures and to maintain an environment where plant growth can excel. With GrowSpan, growers also have the unique opportunity to design a custom greenhouse evaporative cooling system with the help of an expert Greenhouse Specialist.


  • Create the optimal growing environment – Manage high greenhouse temperatures
  • Industry experts on staff – Easy greenhouse and grow room integration
  • Energy-efficient designs and options
  • One-stop shopping experience – Products and expertise for any growing need
  • Automated or manual options
  • Custom designs – Systems can meet any necessary requirements


GrowSpan Greenhouse Evaporative Coolers take advantage of the natural relationship between evaporation and humidity to provide robust cooling. When water evaporates, it has a cooling effect, but the amount of cooling that can be achieved is dependent on the relative humidity level within the structure. In the proper conditions, evaporative cooling can be strong enough to cool an entire grow room or greenhouse.

This also makes it crucial to size an evaporative cooling system for a greenhouse correctly, as growers need to know how many cubic feet of space they want to cool effectively. Regardless of the structure’s size or a grower’s needs, GrowSpan can help design a system or entire wet wall that provides efficient, powerful cooling.


GrowSpan’s Evaporative Cooling Walls consist of porous, cellulose evaporative pads that are mounted into either an end wall or sidewall of the greenhouse or grow room. Unlike traditional air conditioning methods, which treat the air that already exists inside a structure, these systems work by bringing a constant stream of fresh air into a growing space. Exhaust fans opposite the wall pull water-saturated air through the cooling pads and across the structure. The water evaporates as the air is pulled along the length of the growing area, supplying cool air as the hot air is expelled by the fans, effectively cooling the whole structure.

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GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists help growers design an evaporative cooler that is best for their operation’s specific needs. With multiple designs and sizes for both greenhouse swamp coolers and evaporative cooling walls available, growers can find the right equipment for their operation, no matter the requirements or number of square feet they need to cover. Growers can also work with a Greenhouse Specialist to design a custom evaporative cooling system, strong enough to manage temperatures on any scale.

For more information, or to cool your structure with a GrowSpan greenhouse swamp cooler or greenhouse water wall, Call or Request a Quote today.


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