Cannabis High Tunnels

GrowSpan High Tunnels for Cannabis. Allow operations to produce high-quality cannabis in an economical hoop house greenhouse.

When operations first get licensed, getting their product to market quickly is essential. The amount of time it takes to get to market can make all the difference between success and failure, and a cannabis tunnel from GrowSpan is a great alternative to greenhouse growing. As a hoop house greenhouse, these tunnels can be constructed quickly and with minimal labor. This allows operations of any size to start growing right away, and it enables them to flood the market with their product before other businesses.  

While a tunnel isn’t always associated with cannabis production, many GrowSpan tunnels have been used to recreate indoor growing conditions with great success. These tunnels can be outfitted with accessories and equipment to promote healthy harvests, and a Growers Supply Greenhouse specialist can help growers select the equipment that is best for their region and operation. These structures can create a consistent environment that can’t be found growing outdoors, and they are a cost-effective greenhouse structure that can promote profitability.

The GrowSpan High Tunnel Advantage includes:

  • Round, gothic and extra-tall styles.
  • Cost-effective and economical, making high tunnels ideal for any operation.
  • Quick construction timelines allow operations to grow immediately.
  • Sizes for cannabis production on any scale.
  • Durable construction with triple-galvanized steel ensures a long life.
  • Numerous film and cover options, including blackout material, available.
  • Roll-Up or Drop-Down side options make ventilation simple and promote healthy crops.
  • Tunnels on rollers make crop rotation easy.
  • Available with oversized doors, so equipment can access tunnels.
  • Support kits allow tunnels to be used in areas of heavy snow and wind.

Find out how a GrowSpan Tunnel can improve any cannabis operation. Call a Greenhouse Specialist or browse specific models under GrowSpan’s High Tunnel Page to buy now.