Greenhouse Irrigation Systems And Greenhouse Fertigation Systems

GrowSpan provides operations with their ideal grow room or greenhouse irrigation and fertigation systems, allowing growers to take advantage of the many benefits offered by proper greenhouse irrigation and fertigation. Poor fertilization and water usage can harm crops and inflate operating costs, lowering yield and potential profit. GrowSpan systems regulate water and fertilizer usage, improving plant growth and increasing profitability.


  • Optimize your grow – Improved plant development
  • Custom designs to meet any requirements
  • Lower monthly costs – Reduced water and fertilizer waste
  • One-stop shopping experience – Products for any and all growing needs
  • Automated systems improve efficiency and reduce labor
  • Expert Consultation – Easy grow room and greenhouse integration


GrowSpan Greenhouse Irrigation Systems improve one of the essential functions of successful growing by simplifying watering. GrowSpan systems offer precision control over the application of water, without manually tending to each plant, improving efficiency and reducing labor costs. With this improved control comes a reduction of water usage, further lowering costs and minimizing environmental impacts, such as runoff.

GrowSpan Fertigation Systems not only offer the typical advantages of greenhouse irrigation, but use the same precision control for fertilizer treatment. Uniform fertilizer and water application improve crops’ nutrient uptake, boosting growth and quality, while also reducing waste.

How Commercial Fertigation Systems Work

A fertigator allows growers to take complete control of their nutrient application, promoting increased crop growth and greater profitability. Compared to more traditional ways of using fertilizers, this efficient method can be employed in combination with a grower’s greenhouse irrigation system, streamlining both tasks into one process.

Grow room and greenhouse fertigation systems work by storing various amounts of fertilizers in tanks, which are then administered into a grower’s irrigation water in precise quantities using injection systems. By applying nutrients this way, growers can manage the injection rate based on the needs of their crops and avoid common crop production issues, like nutrient deficiencies.

When growers automate their fertigation equipment, they can keep their system on a strict schedule and significantly decrease labor costs. Automated fertigation systems employ electrical conductivity and pH sensors to analyze irrigation water, and then make necessary changes on their own to the nutrient and acid content. Whether growers want to improve soil fertility or optimize the nutrient solution in their hydroponics system, commercial fertigation systems can help them work more efficiently, lower costs and gain an advantage over operations still using conventional fertilizing methods.

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GrowSpan makes implementing irrigation or fertigation systems easy. Growers will work with a GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialist to ensure their system fits perfectly into their new or existing structure. Greenhouse Specialists are industry experts who have years of experience creating custom designs for any operation. Growers who choose GrowSpan can rest assured they will get the ideal irrigation or fertigation systems for their specific needs.

Start designing your ideal system or learn more about GrowSpan’s grow room or greenhouse irrigation and fertigation, Call or Request a Quote today.


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