Cannabis Consulting

Expert Cannabis Consultation from Concept to Completion

Design-Build Solutions – Energy-Efficient Plans – Equity-Free Consultation – High-Quality Cannabis

Profitable and sustainable business models from Cannabis industry experts.

GrowSpan cannabis consultation allows growers to maximize their profits by drastically reducing their cost per gram. GrowSpan’s Cannabis Specialists have extensive knowledge on creating successful horticultural business models and unparalleled experience working with the energy grid. Their energy-efficient designs maximize profits by allowing customers to lower operating costs and obtain energy-related rebates.

This consulting service helps growers from any region find success in the competitive cannabis market. By getting assistance from GrowSpan’s industry experts, licensed producers of recreational and medical cannabis can more easily meet their cannabis compliance and quality assurance stipulations. GrowSpan cannabis consultation is also an equity-free service, so growers don’t have to forfeit a portion of their company or harvests.

Create and Implement a Successful Business Model with a GrowSpan Cannabis Specialist

Reduced Costs

Energy-efficient designs reduce overall energy consumption, while also limiting electrical infrastructure demands and monthly electrical demand charges. GrowSpan designs meet the program objectives of many utilities and governmental agencies, allowing customers to be eligible for incentives and rebates that reduce the upfront capital expenditures required to build a grow. Design and implement a successful business plan with the help of an experienced GrowSpan Cannabis Specialist.

Improved Growing Environment

GrowSpan’s energy-efficient methods limit potentially harmful variability in the growing environment and maximize output. Environmental control strategies are easily modified to produce the best results for any strain, and crop cycle times can be reduced to increase output. With these methods, margins are increased by reliably producing large amounts of first-class, high-quality cannabis.

Unmatched Resources

There’s no need to work with third-party vendors or an outside consulting firm; GrowSpan does it all. Cannabis consultation comes along with all the products, resources and benefits that are found at GrowSpan. With experienced growing and energy experts on staff, growing structures designed and manufactured in house and a catalog of over 30,000 growing products, producing the finest cannabis is a simple and hassle-free process.

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