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Growers Supply has been creating school greenhouses under the GrowSpan name for decades, and, during this time, has helped universities, schools and research institutions create educational greenhouses that are customized to their exact curriculum, campus and research needs. A GrowSpan school greenhouse creates a learning environment with plenty of space for hands-on growing lessons. With open floor plans, students are able to view demonstrations from any point in the greenhouse. When used for research, these greenhouses provide a versatile growing space with a completely controlled environment, ensuring that experiments and research can be carried out with precision and accuracy year-round.

Plants grown in a GrowSpan greenhouse benefit from numerous features that support improved plant development. Valuable light transmission and spacious interiors help plants reach their full potential, and teachers and students are sure to have the best area possible to learn, conduct research or perform demonstrations. GrowSpan offers an extensive line of greenhouse designs, ranging from smaller free-standing structures to expansive gutter connected designs, ensuring there’s a greenhouse for any institution.

traditional venlo outside shot
Traditional Venlo Greenhouses
Traditional Venlo outside shot
Cabrio Venlo Greenhouses
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Series 500 Tall Greenhouses
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Pro Greenhouses
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The GrowSpan Research & Educational Greenhouse Advantage includes:

  • Designs tailored to campus and curriculum
  • Low cost per sq. ft.
  • Fully customizable designs
  • Controlled environments to meet research standards
  • Improved ventilation and temperature control
  • Durable, long lasting construction that makes it easier to satisfy a building permit
  • Structures manufactured in America
  • In-house design, financing and installation
  • Any size greenhouse

Greenhouses Designed for any Curriculum

With over 40 years of experience, GrowSpan is the premier greenhouse manufacturer for research and educational purposes. No matter the location or objective, a GrowSpan structure will provide the ideal facility or garden center to learn about greenhouse production.

Growers Supply provides expert consultation before and after each GrowSpan school greenhouse purchase. Schools and institutions work alongside experienced greenhouse specialists, who have worked with educators and researchers, to create a greenhouse package that meets even the most specific needs. By working with each customer individually, greenhouse specialists ensure that each research or school greenhouse is designed to each institution’s requirements and that each project is managed properly from beginning to end.

In a research or educational setting, maintaining an ideal environment year-round is essential. Growers Supply provides a one-stop shopping experience, so a GrowSpan greenhouse can create a controlled environment for any type of research or class. Growers Supply carries a variety of accessories like lighting, benches, heating and cooling systems, hydroponics and aquaponics growing systems, system controllers and much more. Whether it’s an elaborate irrigation system that provides plants with the optimal amount of water, or an extensive lighting setup to maximize plant growth, Growers Supply has everything needed to create a fully functional educational greenhouse.

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