Yakima County Master Gardeners Educate Year-Round With A GrowSpan Greenhouse

Home gardening is a valuable skill that allows avid growers to produce their own plants and food. However, not everyone has a green thumb, and growing successful plants can be a challenge without assistance or practice. This is where the Yakima County Master Gardeners knew they could step in and make an impact on their local community.

The program, an extension of Washington State University, is a nonprofit organization based in Yakima County, Washington. The group consists of avid gardeners, who are also trained volunteers, that help educate local growers and teach successful growing practices. To help fund the program, the Master Gardeners also sell starts, including annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables. Being the primary source of funding, it was crucial for the volunteers to grow in a high-quality environment, especially during the cold Washington winters.

This led them to purchase a 35’ wide by 96’ long GrowSpan Series 1000 Double Bay Greenhouse with year-round environmental control.

Master Gardeners Greenhouse ►


“It’s really a joy to work in that [the greenhouse] compared to what we’ve been doing for the last 40 years. It’s just way more than we ever expected.”

With their new greenhouse, the Yakima County Master Gardeners can run instructional classes and sell their product all year long. The climate control systems in place mean there are no more restrictions on what or when the program can grow. This creates new possibilities for the instructional group, giving them control over their greenhouse’s climate and helping them produce higher-quality plants as well.

A GrowSpan greenhouse also provides the program with a more durable and effective structure than they possessed in the past. Previously, their greenhouses were old and damaged and required constant upkeep, which can inhibit any operation’s productivity. Now, the Master Gardeners have a professional looking greenhouse that will mitigate maintenance needs and last years, helping them focus more on educational classes and selling plants.

To learn more about the Yakima County Master Gardeners, read our full case study here.

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