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The Industry’s Finest Hemp Greenhouses

light deprivation greenhouse
GrowSpan Blackout Systems

GrowSpan has been producing the industry’s finest hemp greenhouses for decades, and over the last few years, has adapted GrowSpan line of growing structures to meet the needs of the developing hemp industry. GrowSpan hemp greenhouses provide the industry with unique growing solutions that can keep hemp growers in production all year. With a number of options that improve operational efficiency, GrowSpan can help any grower boost their profits by reducing labor and energy requirements, while also maximizing crop quality and yield.

The GrowSpan Hemp Greenhouse Advantage includes:

  • Hemp-specific designs
  • Low cost per sq. ft.
  • Numerous greenhouse covering options
  • Stock and custom designs to meet any operational needs
  • Durable, dependable construction
  • American made
  • Complete environmental control
  • Automated light deprivation systems
  • Improved ventilation
  • Structures of any size
  • Extra-tall options
  • Innovative & versatile designs

Superior Climate-Controlled Hemp Greenhouses

GrowSpan greenhouses can provide the utmost climate control, allowing growers in just about any region to grow year-round. GrowSpan provides a one-stop shopping experience, so any GrowSpan structure can include all the necessary tools and accessories that hemp growers depend on. From high-tech environmental controllers to passive ventilation systems and everything in between, these structures can be designed to control all the environmental factors that matter most in hemp production.

GrowSpan greenhouses also provide valuable energy-efficient and labor-saving features. Structures can be built with a fully automated light deprivation system that ensures complete control of the light cycle, while eliminating the labor that has been traditionally needed to alter the light cycle. In fact, just about everything in a GrowSpan greenhouse can be automated. From lighting to heating, GrowSpan allows growing tools to be set to climate sensors and/or timers, ensuring the ideal hemp growing environment.

Hemp Greenhouse Specialists Provide Free Consultation

GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists work with each customer to create the ideal hemp greenhouse for their operation. With extensive industry experience, they can provide invaluable suggestions during the design process and design greenhouse systems that enable year-round production and boost profitability. Greenhouse Specialists have put greenhouses in every region across the country and beyond, and they can help growers with all the important environmental calculations, leading to a greenhouse where hemp can thrive.

To find out more on how GrowSpan can help your hemp operation, call or Request a Quote now.