Greenhouse Accessories

Perhaps the best part of working with GrowSpan is that it truly is a one-stop shopping experience. As a Growers Supply brand, GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists have access to Growers Supply’s entire catalog of products, which includes over 30,000 growing products and greenhouse accessories. Because of this, GrowSpan greenhouses can be designed to include all the systems, tools and accessories that any grower could ever want.

While GrowSpan prides itself on being on the technological forefront, customers will still find the traditional tools and accessories that they know and depend on. With such a large selection of greenhouse accessories and supplies, if there’s a challenge, a GrowSpan structure can meet it. These greenhouses can be equipped with grow lights to provide optimal lighting conditions year-round, ventilation and air circulation fans to ensure a steady supply of fresh air and much more. From greenhouse benches to alarm systems and from doors to odor mitigation systems, it can all be included in a GrowSpan greenhouse.

GrowSpan Greenhouse Accessories include: 

entry doors to greenhouse
commercial greenhouse benches inside hemp greenhouse
flooring inside commercial greenhouse
overhead greenhouse irrigation system
Irrigation Systems
Hi 2500 fertigator
Nutrient Monitoring & Control
Rows of channels in an NFT Hydroponics System
Turnkey Growing Systems
Propagation trays growing seeds and starts
Propagation Systems
Greenhouse benches supporting potted plants with hanging pots in background
Growing Supplies
Greenhouse controller on interior greenhouse wall
Alarm Systems
Venlo interior
Greenhouse Lighting
Insect netting system covering greenhouse vents
Insect, Light & Odor Filtration
retail greenhouse interior with plants growing on benches
Browse All

With a GrowSpan greenhouse, growers can achieve high-quality plant growth during any season and better manage their operation. Once outfitted with all the necessary accessories, these structures become production powerhouses that help operations thrive on any scale. Regardless of location or the variety of crop being grown, growers can separate themselves from the competition and stand out in their market with a fully equipped GrowSpan greenhouse.

No matter how specific the detail, GrowSpan can make it happen. Even after a greenhouse is constructed with all the proper accessories, GrowSpan provides the tools, hardware and supplies to keep a structure operating at its fullest potential. By offering shelving, pots, trays, bed kits, plant supports, fertilizer, pest control supplies and much more, GrowSpan helps growers manage and maintain even the most minute functions of their structure.

GrowSpan Employs These Greenhouse Accessories Day-To-Day At Its Own Facility

Fertigation Systems ►
Supplemental Lighting ►
Evaporative Cooling ►


When working with GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists, growers can rest assured their structure will provide the maximum functionality possible. These industry professionals determine the needs of the grow, then find the best ways to meet them. GrowSpan can create the ideal greenhouse for any application, and the process is streamlined by all the tools, accessories and hardware that GrowSpan offers, as well as GrowSpan’s in-house services.

To find out more about GrowSpan’s greenhouse accessories, call, Request a Quote or Request a Growers Supply Catalog today. 


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