Does Your Greenhouse Heating System Need an Update?

March 21, 2019   

GrowSpan’s efficient heating solutions were featured in the March 2019 issue of GrowerTalks. The article helps growers decide when to replace outdated equipment and offers various heating and insulation options. To read the full article in the GrowerTalks digital issue, click here.

Will Kacheris, a GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialist, contributed to the article, offering insight into when growers should upgrade their heating systems, including the signs to look for as well as how to get the best return on investment.

Greenhouse growers often invest in equipment to improve accuracy and crop health, but have trouble deciding when it’s time for an upgrade. This can be difficult to pinpoint, as no heater lasts forever, and every greenhouse is different. While some growers may use their heaters on a daily basis, those in warmer climates may experience less wear on heating equipment by only using it a few times a year.

Growers should maintain proper temperatures within their growing environment to ensure crops remain prosperous. If the indoor climate falls below an acceptable range, plant growth may slow or stop, and there is a risk of losing the crop altogether. Luckily, growers can prevent plant loss by ensuring their greenhouse heaters are updated and operating efficiently.

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