Dutch Bucket Systems

Dutch Bucket Systems 

HydroCycle Dutch bucket systems, also known as bato buckets, are best suited for larger crops and vine crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant and more. These systems are very versatile and can be used in a commercial greenhouse as well as for hobby and home growing in compact spaces.

Through GrowSpan, operations of any size are guaranteed to find their ideal irrigation setup. HydroCycle bato bucket systems are available in multiple styles, including Micro, Complete and Whole Bay setups. With a HydroCycle Whole Bay System, commercial operations can simplify large-scale growing and produce healthy, attractive plants with ease. No matter the grower or scale of an operation, Dutch buckets will help optimize production and allow for highly efficient irrigation, reducing waste and helping growers save on water costs.

The HydroCycle Dutch Bucket System Advantage includes:

  • Allows for growth of many different variety types and sizes
  • Easy to adjust bucket spacing of plants
  • Saves water and nutrients
  • Can re-use inert growing media
  • Easy to add to more hydroponic buckets to the system

The Dutch bucket hydroponic system is basically a top feed or drip irrigation system that relies on a nutrient solution being delivered to the surface of growing mediums, and can either be set up as drain to waste or recirculating. Each bato bucket has a siphon-designed drainage system and nutrient reservoir. The HydroCycle systems feature dripper stakes that utilize a nutrient feed pump station to feed the plants. Commonly used media for bato buckets include perlite, coir or expanded clay pebbles. One advantage of the Dutch growing system is that they permit the grower to adjust spacing of the plants, allowing for a wide variety and range of plants to be grown. The HydroCycle Dutch Bucket row kits allow growers to add additional buckets to an existing bucket growing system.

GrowSpan offers all of the essential accessories growers need to complete their Dutch bucket irrigation system. Siphon elbows stop growing media from drying out and causing water stress between irrigation cycles, as well as help prevent an over accumulation of nutrient solution. Dutch bucket lids provide protection from light and debris and work to reduce algae growth within the containers. With the addition of Low Profile Benches, growers can lift their buckets to the perfect height, making it easier to tend to crops daily.

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