The GrowSpan Advantage

GrowSpan has nearly four decades of experience providing the horticulture industry with the finest growing structures, systems and supplies. Their distinguishing set of structural features and excellent customer service are why growers have continuously relied on GrowSpan to supply their growing solutions.

With a wide selection of growing structures, from greenhouse to cold frames, GrowSpan is ready to meet the needs of growers on any scale, from commercial to hobbyists. Even at a lower cost per square foot, GrowSpan structures feature exceptional structural integrity. Manufactured in the USA and with the highest quality materials, GrowSpan structures are built to last, and their versatility makes them suitable for any climate or crop.

Multiple cladding options make GrowSpan Greenhouses unique and add a level of functionality not found in other structures. Growers needing dependable strength and protection can opt to use twin-wall polycarbonate, a nearly indestructible composite cladding, and for superior light diffusion, growers can choose one of the many greenhouse film options available. With the range of cladding and covering options GrowSpan offers, growers are sure to get the structure that best compliments their operation.

Aside from structural benefits, GrowSpan greenhouses also offer monthly energy savings. GrowSpan offers energy-efficient designs that feature abundant natural ventilation, reducing the need for active ventilation equipment and lowering utility costs. Growers can also work with a Greenhouse Specialist to design an automated greenhouse, further decreasing monthly expenses.

Designed and manufactured in the USA for strong, durable construction.

Wide variety of cladding options available, form twin-wall polycarbonate to aluminized film.

Available at a lower cost per square foot when compared to other growing structures.

Energy-efficient designs and options for monthly energy savings. 

Custom, stock and engineered structures available for any size operation, from large-scale commercial grows to backyard hobbyists.

Expert consultation from GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists.

In-house services, including engineering, financing and installation.

Experienced installation crews for rapid construction.

Finest selection of growing systems and supplies in the industry, including HydroCycle hydroponics systems.  

Complete and precise environmental control options to create the optimal growing environment.

Access to an immense catalog of greenhouse accessories and equipment, including HVAC, lighting, curtain systems and much more.