Round Pro Greenhouses

GrowSpan Round Pro Greenhouse – Green houses designed for professionals

Finding a cost-effective and economical greenhouse for a professional operation can be a difficult task, but the GrowSpan Round Pro Greenhouse is a great solution. These green houses provide the environmental control that professional growers need and feature an economical design that doesn’t sacrifice durability.

The GrowSpan Round Pro Greenhouse Advantage includes:

  • An economical solution for professional operations.
  • Cost-effective double film covering. The top film layer is SunMaster® 6 mil, 4 year Film, while the inner layer is SunMaster® Infrared Anti-Condensate Thermal Film. The covering provides drip control within the structure and also promotes improved heat retention.
  • The double layer film covers a durable frame that has been designed and manufactured to last. The frame has an OD of 1.315”. It is made from 17-gauage, triple-galvanized structural steel.
  • The end walls are covered with 8 mm twin-wall polycarbonate, which features a 10 year warranty. Polycarbonate end walls provide superior insulation, and include an entry door. The 36”W x 80”H door is made from heavy-duty aluminum and polycarbonate panels, ensuring durability and a long life.
  • Round Pro Green Houses provide quick ventilation. Choose between Roll-Up or Drop-Down Sides. The “Twist-of-the-Wrist” Assembly ensures that it only takes one person to raise or lower the sides.
  • Heavy-duty ground posts.
  • Save hundreds on greenhouse equipment by choosing to include GrowSpan Systems with the greenhouse. GrowSpan Systems allow growers to gain superior environmental control, and they come with a heater, intake shutters, exhaust fan with shutters, circulation fan and a thermostat.

Growers Supply has created Pro Greenhouse Systems that make integrating environmental control in a Round Pro Greenhouses quick and easy. These systems have been properly sized and measured, so growers don’t have to worry about creating an effective design. Systems come with intake shutters, a heater, exhaust fan with shutters, circulation fan and a thermostat. 

GrowSpan Round Pro Greenhouses are a great option for any operation. Call today or Request a Quote