The Industry’s Finest Cannabis Greenhouses From Experienced Commercial Greenhouse Builders

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Growers Supply has been creating the growing and horticultural industry’s best greenhouses for decades under the GrowSpan greenhouse and growing structure line. Over the past few years, GrowSpan has become the leading manufacturer of the best cannabis greenhouse in the marijuana industry. The GrowSpan product line offers a number of energy-efficient structures that can help cannabis producers reduce their monthly costs and help to stabilize business in a constantly changing industry.

With a wide variety of greenhouse designs, greenhouse growers can achieve the same level of control that operations have become accustomed to in an indoor grow. These structures include extra-tall options that make it easier to manage humidity levels, ultra-durable designs for the most extreme climates and greenhouses with innovative light dep systems that simplify photoperiod control over cannabis plants.

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The GrowSpan Cannabis Greenhouse Advantage includes:

  • Low cost per sq. ft.
  • Innovative & versatile designs
  • Numerous covering options
  • Durable, American-made and long-lasting construction
  • Improved ventilation
  • Automated light deprivation systems
  • In-house design and installation
  • Structures of any size
  • Extra-tall options
  • Ideal environment for growing a superior cannabis crop

Growers Supply provides cannabis growers with a one-stop shopping experience and expert consultation. GrowSpan cannabis greenhouses can be tailored to meet the exact needs of any grower or operation. An experienced greenhouse specialist works individually with customers to ensure they are getting the ideal greenhouse for their operation and that their project is properly managed from concept to completion.

GrowSpan structures provide a cannabis greenhouse that delivers complete control over the growing environment, no matter what region the greenhouse is located. With greenhouse accessories, like lights, heating and cooling systems, benches, blackout products and light traps, cannabis growing systems and much more, Growers Supply helps growers achieve the highest-quality harvests in all four seasons.

Cannabis production facilities that utilize a GrowSpan greenhouse are able to boost their business potential almost immediately. A GrowSpan greenhouse is an energy-efficient option for the cannabis industry. Only supplemental lighting is required, thus dropping energy use and costs dramatically. Environmental control options also enable operations on any scale to reduce the amount of required labor. All of these factors, and many more, enable operations to become more profitable.

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