Purple Med Healing & Green Med Wellness

Challenge – Year-round growing environment
Solution – GrowSpan Series 2000 Blackout Greenhouse
Size – 30′ wide x 96′ long
Application – Cannabis production

At the Purple Med Healing and Green Med Wellness centers, patients are priority. The company is a state approved and licensed MMJ dispensary located in the lower part of Arizona. They produce the highest-quality medical marijuana, ensuring customers a healthy and happy experience.

Since Purple Med is located in the desert, growing cannabis is difficult. With the intense heat and dry climate, it’s impossible to grow any crop year-round without some type of controlled environment. This is how Purple Med knew their business was going to require a greenhouse.

After thorough research, Purple Med decided to purchase a 30′ wide by 96′ long GrowSpan Series 2000 Greenhouse with a full blackout system. The unique 3,000 square foot building has a concrete substructure with the greenhouse sitting on top. Purple Med can grow around 650 plants in 7 gallon pots inside the greenhouse, and when some plants get bigger, they are shoveled and planted into the ground outside.

The greenhouse also features an evaporative cooling system and multiple AC units. Head grower Casper Garret explained, “In Arizona we deal with the heat a lot. With the edition of the water wall and AC units, it’s really comfortable in here. When it’s 115° outside, we can dial it in here to be a comfortable 75° and a relative humidity of about 50° or so.”

Purple Med’s experience with their GrowSpan greenhouse has been positive, especially when it comes to the controlled environment. “The innovation that GrowSpan has brought to the table has helped us a lot to be able to keep the temperature in relative humidity and our CO2 usage at optimal performance levels,” Garret said.

The company expressed they would recommend GrowSpan to other cannabis customers. “Everything has worked up to par. The whole time the greenhouse has been here, our blackout system has worked great. What GrowSpan has brought to the table and what they put into this facility has helped us a lot. I would definitely recommend it to other companies” Garret concluded.

For more information on Purple Med Healing and Green Med Wellness and their GrowSpan greenhouse, visit www.facebook.com/purplemedaz/ and www.facebook.com/purplemedaz/.