CASTA Greenhouse Design

GrowSpan utilizes CASTA to combine Dutch technology with American durability, ensuring a superior greenhouse solution.

In order to provide the most effective and energy-efficient greenhouses, GrowSpan is the first and only greenhouse designer and manufacturer in the United States to use CASTA. In use since 1989, CASTA is a highly renowned, computer-aided design software that was developed by the Dutch research institute, TNO, in collaboration with several influential companies in the horticulture industry. CASTA has revolutionized the design process and allows GrowSpan to offer innovative solutions that ensure superior greenhouse structures.

With CASTA’s calculations GrowSpan can create the finest custom solutions. The software enables customers to get a structure at a price to quality ratio that’s ideal for their budget; no structure has to be over or under engineered. CASTA also accounts for various design alternatives and their consequences on the growing environment, so growers get a structure with incredible integrity and a superior environment with optimal light transmission. Due to the software’s premium designs and overall dependability, European growers have found it easier to insure a structure designed using CASTA.

The GrowSpan CASTA Advantage includes:

  • Fantastic price to quality ratio
  • Efficient design processes
  • Ensures ideal engineering
  • Provides projects with numerous solutions
  • Superior customizations
  • Meets international construction standards
  • Maximum light transmission
  • Energy-saving designs

CASTA design software allows GrowSpan to streamline the entire greenhouse process, so customers can get a better structure quicker.

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