Automated Environmental Control

GrowSpan greenhouse structures have the potential to provide operations of any scale with the utmost environmental control. Whether a GrowSpan structure is located in Southern California or Northern Minnesota, any crop can be produced within the controlled environment that GrowSpan greenhouses can provide. With a controlled environment, growers have to consider a number of factors – heating, lighting, etc. Getting complete control of these factors requires consistent oversight and management. This takes time and can drastically reduce an operation’s overall efficiency.  

While managing the environment of a greenhouse can quickly turn into a time drain, one piece of equipment that customers often utilize automates environmental control, essentially eliminating the need for regular environmental oversight. 

iGrow Controllers allow GrowSpan customers to easily and quickly automate their greenhouse. When GrowSpan customers utilize iGrow Controllers, they can rest assured that their crops are always in the most beneficial atmosphere. The controller’s precision settings allow growers to boost the overall quality of their crops, while also limiting the amount of required labor. 

Visit GrowSpan’s parent site, Growers Supply, to purchase iGrow Controllers.

These controllers are able to automate lighting, CO2, heating, cooling, irrigation, venting, shading, humidity and more. The settings keep those environmental factors within their ideal range at all times. This means that potentially costly heating or lighting is turned off when it isn’t needed, leading to an energy-efficient and cost-effective greenhouse.  

iGrow controllers can accommodate just about any sized greenhouse, and no matter the size of the structure, preparing the greenhouse and then installing and programming the controller is easy. 

For those that are a little nervous about the controller’s feasibility, a quick look at the user guide will quell any concerns. Click here to view the iGrow 1400’s user guide. The guide gives the user an overview on environmental control strategy, and it even supplies worksheets that allow growers to stay organized and easily picture how the controller and its settings are affecting the structure’s environment. The guide then gives detailed explanations on installing and programming the controller. 

Of course, some growers are hesitant to put their structure’s environment in the hands of a computer, but Growers Supply’s greenhouse specialists have extensive experience integrating these controllers into new and existing greenhouses. These controllers are strongly recommended for many operations and in many GrowSpan greenhouses, especially the larger ones, and Greenhouse Specialists are available to answer any questions or to help with any troubleshooting.