Making Life Easier With A Light Dep Greenhouse Kit

Cannabis growers are always looking for ways to reduce labor and expenses, without impacting the quality of their product. As the industry continues to evolve, it’s evident that greenhouses provide a viable solution to this dilemma. These structures do an excellent job of limiting energy consumption, and with a light dep greenhouse kit, they can offer the high level of light cycle control that cannabis growers depend on.

Overall, a light deprivation greenhouse kit makes things far simpler for cannabis growers. These systems allow operations to easily influence the development of their cannabis plants, while still taking advantage of the benefits of natural sunlight. When growers also outfit their greenhouse with the latest environmental controls, they can dramatically improve the size and quality of their cannabis yields.

Whether it’s a small-scale business or an expansive commercial operation, GrowSpan can help greenhouse growers produce some of the highest-quality cannabis on the market. Through state-of-the-art structures and automated light dep, operations can gain complete control over growth cycles and give their plants the environment they need to thrive.


While there is no definitive answer for the best way to grow cannabis, greenhouses that employ a light dep greenhouse kit are certainly a great option. By using one of these structures, growers can produce indoor quality bud at a lower overall cost.

Not only does this mean cannabis with similar THC and terpene levels, but in many cases, operations should also be able to achieve a greater output. As margins tighten and growers try to reduce their overhead, this notion becomes increasingly important.

If operations can create a similar product, while simultaneously lowering their monthly expenses, then a greenhouse presents a more efficient and sustainable choice for the future of the industry.

light dep greenhouse kit in commercial greenhouse

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Natural sunlight is one of the biggest factors in reducing operating costs for greenhouse cannabis growers.

Indoor facilities have to employ extensive lighting systems to stimulate plant growth, which can be pricey to run, even with newer, more energy-efficient options. Conversely, a naturally lit greenhouse provides cannabis with the bulk of the lighting it needs to thrive, at no cost to an operation.

During the summertime, greenhouse growers can rely on the sun for around six to eight hours each day, without having to turn on any artificial lighting. In the shorter days of winter, this can still range anywhere from four to six hours.

Although greenhouse growers still need some form of artificial lighting, they are able to run these systems far less than their indoor competitors. With a combination of natural lighting, supplemental grow lights and a light dep greenhouse kit, cannabis operations can easily produce an optimal growing environment for their plants.

Another benefit of natural sunlight is the full spectrum of light it offers cannabis, which in many cases, helps produce buds with a wider terpene profile. Artificial light fixtures do their best to replicate these same light frequencies, and some can, but they are often higher in cost and may put a lot of growers over budget quickly.

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A light deprivation greenhouse kit can be a great way for operations to limit their daily labor requirements. Many grow ops get stuck pulling tarps or heavy blackout curtains across their structure at a set time each day, but a light dep greenhouse kit can be fully automated and programmed to open and close on its own. This way, growers can set a strict schedule and block exterior light whenever needed, increasing efficiency and improving production.

GrowSpan’s automated light deprivation greenhouses provide the ideal setting for cannabis operations. These structures can come already equipped with a light dep greenhouse kit, saving growers time and making it easier for them to establish an optimal production space.

One of the most innovative light dep greenhouses on the market today is GrowSpan’s Series 750 Commercial Greenhouse. This structure is pre-designed with its own light dep greenhouse kit, boasting a unique, cable-driven system that streamlines and simplifies light cycle control. With galvanized steel framing and the ability to create total darkness in moments, growers in every region can use this greenhouse to produce indoor quality bud with limited labor or maintenance.

In addition to new greenhouses, a light dep greenhouse kit can also usually be integrated into existing structures. As a result, virtually any operation can access the benefits of a light deprivation system, even if they just want to upgrade their current space.

cannabis growing under a light dep greenhouse kit

Every cannabis grower knows that light dep is crucial for plant development. In order to outperform or stay competitive with indoor facilities, greenhouse operations have to find an effective way to regulate light cycles. A light deprivation greenhouse kit offers the perfect solution, helping growers achieve complete photoperiod control, so they can take full advantage of a greenhouse’s lower production costs and increase their bottom line.

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