The Advantages of Light Deprivation in a Greenhouse

February 10, 2021   

Grow operations utilize many different tools and processes to ensure their crops thrive. With high end automation, expensive equipment and endless options available, it may be hard for growers to choose the right tools for their greenhouse. A good place to start is a basic system that will enhance their grow without breaking the bank, like light deprivation.

In an article from Marijuana Business Daily entitled “Light Deprivation Can Help Outdoor Growers Control Harvest and Improve Quality,” three reasons are outlined explaining why light deprivation can help grow operations prosper: increased harvests, set schedules and labor efficiency. Although the article focuses on outdoor grows, light deprivation is essential in greenhouse operations for the very same reasons.

Increased Harvests: Greenhouses inherently allow growers to have a larger number of harvests, enabling year-round growing and providing protection from harsh weather and temperatures outside. Without light deprivation, growers cannot have more than one harvest. With growers investing in expensive controllers, irrigation systems, supplemental lighting and more to create the ideal environment for their crops, light deprivation systems can add to their control to ensure that this growing environment is maintained.

Set Schedules: Light deprivation enables growers to control the growth stages of their crop, allowing them to induce certain stages like flowering when necessary. This ability puts growers in control of the timing of each stage of their harvests. By utilizing light deprivation in a greenhouse, growers can create a schedule for their crops, allotting a certain amount of time to each stage of growth to ensure crops are ready for harvest at the time they need. Automated light deprivation systems are available as well, which keeps the system itself on a schedule. This allows growers to make their operation more efficient without sacrificing the quality of their crops.

Labor Efficiency: By enabling growers to set a schedule and increase their number of harvests, light deprivation allows growers and their employees to utilize their labor and time more efficiently. Automated light deprivation systems reduce labor requirements further, so employees will not have to manually pull heavy curtains at a certain time every day. All of GrowSpan’s cannabis greenhouses have fully automated light deprivation system already built into the structure, providing enhanced control at an unbeatable price.

Combined with the benefits of a greenhouse, light deprivation allows growers to increase their number of harvests per year, while also improving the quality of their crops. The enhanced environmental control gives greenhouse growers an advantage over their outdoor-grown competition, while spending less money on energy than their indoor-growing counterparts. Light deprivation systems are a no-brainer for growers who want a more efficient operation with an enhanced level of control to grow high quality crops.

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