420 Growers and Processors

Challenge – Growing Cannabis Hydroponically
Solution – One 34′ wide x 96′ long GrowSpan Gothic Cold Frame
410 HydroCycle 4″ Pro NFT-series channels
Application – Hydroponic cannabis production
Location – Elk, Wash.

Jerry Denney is gaining attention throughout the cannabis community with the way he’s growing at 420 Growers and Processors. Denney started his Tier 2 business in Elk, Washington after he witnessed first-hand the positive benefits medical marijuana had on people in his life.

Denney’s operation doesn’t look like many other cannabis growing facilities in the industry, and that’s because 420 Growers and Processors is growing hydroponically. Denney said, “I was thumbing through the Growers Supply catalog and saw a hydroponic system with lettuce. What I saw was just a field of green. Not a bunch of messy pots or messy dirt. It just looked clean to me, and it looked like it was something I could do that would utilize my square footage to its best advantage.”

Wanting to streamline his operation, Denney sought out Growers Supply, a company that believes that the use of greenhouses and hydroponics is the future of the industry. Denney went on to purchase two 34′ wide by 96′ long GrowSpan Gothic Cold Frames, which he welded together, and 410 individual HydroCycle 4″ Pro NFT-series channels to begin his business.

Since implementing the HydroCycle NFT channels operating costs have decreased, and his business has taken off. Denney said, “The biggest benefit I see with these NFT channels is the labor. I don’t have to have anybody mixing soil, and I don’t have to have people packing soil in pots and transplanting each individual pot. Labor is where I see myself saving the most money.”

As for growing cannabis within his GrowSpan Gothic Cold Frames, Denney feels that he is on the cutting-edge of the industry. Denney said, “Most people in the cannabis industry have been growing indoors forever. It’s the only thing they really know. Greenhouses are different.” Denney continued, “Most indoors growers just put their lights on a timer and go, but their electricity bills are $30,000 a month, while mine are $2,000.”

Denney enjoyed the experience working with Growers Supply. Denney said, “My Greenhouse and Growing Specialist Zach Carr was a great resource from conception all the way till I started to grow. I would bounce all my ideas off Zach, because he had such an extensive horticulture background.”

For more information on 420 Growers and Processors and their hydroponic cannabis production, visit www.facebook.com/420GrowersProcessors.