The Garden Bug

Challenge – Replace small, outdated growing structures
Solution – GrowSpan Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouse
Application – Growing annual plants, customer shopping center
Location – Amsterdam, N.Y.

Char Brown was the sole owner and operator of The Garden Bug for years, until her husband Stephen grew tired of the trucking industry. The couple came together to operate the giftshop together, and it became a true family business, with their daughter Amber as the only other full-time employee.

After Stephen joined The Garden Bug, the family knew it was time to take their business to the next level. They reached out to GrowSpan and worked with Greenhouse Specialist Jason Brunswick to find a greenhouse that suited their growing needs. “We wanted to make more of a retail statement, and it’s really helped do that,” Stephen said. “It’s made a vast difference in our business and our customers’ happiness.”

The Browns were previously growing in two smaller structures that weren’t suitable for advancing their horticultural practices or assisting with business growth. They purchased a 41′ wide by 84′ long Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouse to grow annuals and mums and provide a comfortable shopping area. The Series 2000 was a significant upgrade for The Garden Bug. Stephen stated, “We used to have two really tiny hoop houses that customers shopped out of, but sometimes they wouldn’t even see one of the structures, because it was hidden behind the other.”

This setup was less than ideal, as customers can’t shop if they aren’t able to find the greenhouse to begin with. Fortunately, their Series 2000 is the perfect professional growing structure to attract customers. He continued, “Now, with our new beautiful greenhouse and the large aluminum doors, no one misses it. Our customer satisfaction went through the roof.”

When it came to customer service support, Stephen always felt comfortable reaching out to GrowSpan for help. He said, “I’ve always spoken very highly of GrowSpan and their assistance. I installed the greenhouse myself, but any time I had any engineering or construction questions, they were always there.”

Stephen has enjoyed his ongoing experiences with GrowSpan over the years. He stated, “I can’t say enough good about GrowSpan. Everybody has been polite, professional and helpful. In my opinion, it really is a top-notch company.”

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