Greenhouse CO2 Enrichment

GrowSpan provides supplemental CO2 enrichment technology for any greenhouse system. When greenhouses are sealed during the winter months CO2 levels will drop as plants use it during photosynthesis. Enriching the growing environment with supplemental CO2 allows growers to maximize crop production without opening their vents and letting in cold, frigid air. By maintaining ideal CO2 levels during colder months, growers will notice that their greenhouse produces healthier, more profitable crops. 


The GrowSpan CO2 Enrichment Advantage includes: 

  • CO2 generators, compressed CO2 and recaptured CO2 solutions available
  • Promotes healthier plants
  • Automated solutions available – Reduce labor requirements 
  • Custom design and retrofit options 
  • Expert consultation – Easy integration into greenhouses
  • One-stop shopping experience – Products and expertise for any greenhouse need

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