News Archive: November 2016

GrowSpan customer covered on AgriLife Today

November 17, 2016    Thanks to HortiDaily, we found an interesting article featuring GrowSpan customer Dr. Charlie Rose.  Rose is using his GrowSpan High Tunnels to provide research and produce to his local market.  To read this article, click here.  To find out more about GrowSpan High Tunnels, click here. 

Colorado’s Enticing Economy

November 16, 2016    Last week’s voting showed a clear and increased interest in legalizing cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes. The plant appears to be steadily shaking the stigma that has marred its history, and it largely has Colorado to thank.  While some politicians stick firmly to the notion that cannabis can negatively […]

Can Plants Tell Time?

November 14, 2016    Like most in the Northern Hemisphere, we recently undertook the practice of “falling back” or changing all the clocks to represent the loss of one hour, in order to make better use of natural daylight. But this process of daylight savings also affects the time of no light or light deprivation. […]

Legislation for Growers: Florida and Amendment 2

November 10, 2016     Wading the political waters of Florida is a difficult task. It’s tough to predict which way voters will lean, but on Tuesday Amendment 2 passed.  This means that starting January 3, 2017 medical cannabis will be legal in Florida. However for growers, Amendment 2 wasn’t the slam dunk that Massachusetts’ […]

FAQ: Hydroponics Systems Pt. III

November 10, 2016    For the final installment of the Hydroponics Systems FAQ blog series, the topic of discussion will focus on nutrition and pollination. In the previous two installments, the blog has answered questions related to HydroCycle hydroponics systems and hydroponic growing as a method of crop production. Review these previous postings anytime by […]

Legislation for Growers: Massachusetts and Question 4

November 9, 2016    Cannabis has been legalized in Massachusetts. Although, it’s important to note that Question 4 – the law legalizing marijuana – doesn’t actually start until December 15, 2016. This is great for growers of all kinds, as those looking to grow commercially or as a hobby can work towards perfecting the growing […]

FAQ: Hydroponics Systems Pt. II

Last week marked the start of a special Hydroponics Systems FAQ blog series. Part one of the series covered the most commonly asked questions regarding general knowledge of HydroCycle hydroponics systems. This week, the blog will be more in depth, focusing on the most commonly asked questions related to production within a hydroponics system.   […]