News Archive: May 2018

Understanding Greenhouse Lighting

May 24, 2018    There’s a lot more to greenhouse lighting than meets the eye. Growers in search of the appropriate lighting for their greenhouse should consider the following three factors: the type of crop being grown, what time of year it is and how much sunlight is available. Greenhouses generally require six hours of […]

Four Tips for Thriving in Hydroponics

May 18, 2018    Growing hydroponically carries several noteworthy benefits. Perhaps the most significant advantage is that hydroponic systems are energy-efficient, since they require less water, pesticides and soil. Growers who wish to produce crops year-round in an environmentally-conscious way would do well to consider a hydroponic system.   Growing requirements for hydroponically grown plants […]

Hemp Production Has a Promising Future

May 3, 2018    After 40 years of prohibition, Senator Mitch McConnell has introduced a bill to legalize hemp production across the country. The bill, which defines hemp as cannabis sativa at or below .03 percent THC, would make hemp farmers eligible for crop insurance and federal water rights. If the bill passes as written, […]