News Archive: August 2016

Beginning Urban Farming

City gardens and urban farming create an opportunity for fixing food insecurities within a community or to simply save money on household food costs. Gardening within cities has become increasingly popular in recent years, and urban greenhouses and garden plots are popping up across the nation.  With this, brings many new and inexperienced growers. Beginning […]

Automated Environmental Control

GrowSpan greenhouse structures have the potential to provide operations of any scale with the utmost environmental control. Whether a GrowSpan structure is located in Southern California or Northern Minnesota, any crop can be produced within the controlled environment that GrowSpan greenhouses can provide. With a controlled environment, growers have to consider a number of factors […]

Growers Supply to Host CEA Workshop

GrowSpan’s parent company, Growers Supply, will hold their popular 3-Day Hands On Workshop from September 13-15 at their Dyersville, Iowa campus. Growers Supply is consistently at the forefront of controlled environment agriculture, and the company strives to share their expertise with their customer base. Growers Supply’s workshop is the ideal setting to learn about the most […]

Improving the Industry’s Footprint: Part I

by Christopher Machnich   There’s no doubt that the national awareness of energy consumption has increased, and businesses across many sectors have taken note. Automobiles have become less dependent on traditional fuel sources, the GrowSpan offices and warehouses have been outfitted with green, LED light bulbs and here in the Northeast, the prevalence of solar […]

Growers Supply to Attend Farwest 2016

GrowSpan’s parent company, Growers Supply, will be hosting a booth at Farwest 2016. Farwest is the west’s largest growing show, and it provides attendees access to over 400 exhibits and thousands of industry professionals. Growers Supply’s Greenhouse Specialists will be on hand to provide information on the GrowSpan line of greenhouses and to answer any questions.  Event […]

Shade Solutions for a Happy Harvest

Just like you can get burned from being in the sun too long, so is the case for plants during the summer months. Because of this, shade material should be a top priority after getting your greenhouse, hoop house, retail nursery or field growing underway. When purchasing shade material, you should consider what you are trying […]

Top 10 High Tunnel Benefits

When outdoor cultivators are looking for ways to upgrade their operation, there are a number of growing structures to choose from that can provide a potential solution. Still, not every structure will be the right fit, so it’s important for them to understand the different types and the unique benefits they offer. While most operations […]